The Evolution Of Katy Perry Hair

The Evolution Of Katy Perry Hair

Here at Dye My Hair we love a hair chameleon and we often look to the celebrity world for inspiration. One of the first celebs that comes to mind is Katy Perry. This superstar singer loves to experiment with style so we had to choose from a huge catalogue of styles to bring you a taster of Katy Perry Hair.

We have already blogged about Lady Gaga and David Bowie, both incredibly important figures in the world of fashion and hairstyling but now it is time for Katy Perry to enjoy the spotlight. Here are our top 5 Katy Perry hairstyles.

Katy Perry Haircut 2018

Our first style is a recent look from this singer. The Katy Perry haircut American Idol saw her debut a short pixie cut in blonde. This total change from her classic sleek brown style proved that Katy Perry has no fear when it comes to experimenting with her hair. If you have a naturally dark hair color then you are going to need to be patient with the bleaching process to achieve this color. You can find plenty of bleaches and hair toners here. Toners will help you neutralise any unwanted tones before applying your final blonde hair dye. She opts for a slightly darker shade at the sides with a bleach blonde shade on top.

Katy Perry Hair, American Idol

Image Source Pinterest

For our next style we are going to turn back the clock to a classic Katy Perry hair color. We often see Katy Perry step out with a classic deep brown shade paired with a bright lipstick for a vintage style. Check out this image of a young Katy Perry showing off a pink color streak to match her bright makeup style. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full head of brightly colored hair then a simple color streak can be a great alternative. You don’t have to stick to pink, with plenty of colors available but if you do fancy trying something in a similar shade we recommend these dyes and hair chalks:

Katy Perry Hairstyle

Image Source Pinterest

If you want to know how to get Katy Perry hair then this classic style is the perfect place to start. Katy Perry often opts for a gentle wave to give plenty of volume. On this occasion, she has opted for a deep red shade to complement her retro inspired hairstyle. If you want to achieve a soft wave then try using rollers, or create large pin curls then brush them out once dry. As for the color, there are a few shades we recommend:

Katy Perry Haircut

Image Source Pinterest

Katy Perry Haircut Colors

We know plenty of you will be taking these Katy Perry new haircut photos to the salon after the flurry of celebrities who have opted for a blunt bob this season. This on trend style is sure to be this summer’s biggest talking point. If you don’t want your hair to fall flat then this might be the year to brave a shorter style. Katie Perry paired her short bob with a blue hue. Take a browse of our blue hair dyes to find your perfect shade.

Katy Perry Hair, Short

Image Source Pinterest

Fancy a wavier style than the blunt bob? You can also pair a bob hairstyle with a beach wave look. In this style the back of Katy Perry hair is shorter than the front. We don’t know how she is able to pull off so many different styles but we think she looks awesome with Katy Perry haircut short and long so if you aren’t ready to leave your long locks behind why not take color inspiration from this look. She opts for dark roots with electric purple shade. We suggest trying out these dyes:

Now you know how to get Katy Perry's new haircut and have some inspiration from a handful of her many different hairstyles we are sure you be able to create a similar style with a twist that is unique to you. Let us know your favourite styles or share a picture of yourself with a Katy Perry Hair inspired style on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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The Evolution Of Katy Perry Hair

The Evolution Of Katy Perry Hair

We have been fans of Katy Perry from the release of her first single. We have watched this hair chameleon try lots of different styles, colors and cuts. Check out our blog about Katy Perry Hair to...

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