The New Plaid Hair Colour Trends To Try

The New Plaid Hair Colour Trends To Try

If you’ve been searching the web for a new funky color to tone your hair with, or just an eye catching quirky style to show off to your friends then let us show you our latest hair color trends for you to try. 

As we creep up to summer but are still in spring, it’s hard to choose what look to go for. Although if you do decide to dye your hair it may only last for up to 8 weeks, we know that there are some of you that hunt high and low for a hair coloring trends that you can show off for long periods; rain or shine. Luckily for you we’re here to show off our latest finds of amazing hair dye styles and how you can perfect the look with one of our bright and wonderful temporary hair dye products.

Plaid Hair Color Trends

You may be thinking to yourself “How is this even possible?” Well sit back and let us explain. Instagram user @blondieshair has shown off this newest hair color trends with gorgeous pink and green hair dyes. Although it looks like it will be difficult to perform, the reality of this is, it’s easy to recreate in your home. Whether you’re looking for hair colour ideas for brunettes or just want the quirkiest colour around, all you need is a helping hand and you can get this ultimate look in a flash!

Plaid Hair Colour Trends, New Pink Blue Dye

Instagram: @blondieshair

As you can see above, to pull off this amazing haircolor all you need is your bright hair dye colour and your secret weapon; masking tape. If you want a style that will match the pictures above then we recommend using the tape in a horizontal fashion, but feel free to create a style whichever way you like!

New Womens Hair Color To Try

If you love this style above then the first step is to pick out a hair colour that will fit with your new hair coloring trends.  On the Dye My Hair website there is a wide variety of options available to you depending on the type of product you’re looking for as well as brand. Check them out below:

-          Crazy Color

-          Herman’s Amazing

-          La Riche Directions

-          Manic Panic

-          Splat

-          Stargazer

-          Paintglow

Now you have all the brands, are you still looking for some inspiration? Picking a new color for a current hair color trends can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something wild and bright.

In order to achieve the gorgeous color combination above then we would have to recommend one of our Turquoise and Magenta hair dye colors. We feel that the colors that fit this style the best are Paintglow Flamingo Pink Rebellious Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for pink and La Riche Directions Turquoise Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for your blue/green shade. Have a specific brand in mind though? Don’t forget you can check out a wide range of these colors among the individual brand sections above.

Pink Flamingo Hair Colour Trends, Semi Permanent Dye  La Riche Turquoise Hair Dye, Green Blue Hair Colour

Don’t forget, if you really want to push this newest hair color trends to its full potential, you may need to consider the use of bleach or toner. Although using bleach may sound scary, it will allow you to start with a blank canvas so that you can get the most out of your new colour. Fancy getting one just in case? Why not check out the Dye My Hair Bleach Kit?

Bleach KIt, Dye My Hair, 30 Volume

Need more style information? Follow the Dye My Hair Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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The New Plaid Hair Colour Trends To Try

The New Plaid Hair Colour Trends To Try

The newest hair trends are here in the form of pink and blue hair color. The new plaid hair color trend is out and can easily be recreated with our premium products in your own home. Take a read to...

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