Purple Hair Dye Brands – Your Guide To Colours

Purple Hair Dye Brands – Your Guide To Colours

The Dye My Hair blog page is a very exciting place to be if you love the newest hair trends and outstanding style choice. We always bring you the best ways to dye your hair at home through guides, blog posts on recent events and even our massive amount of posts on Instagram. No matter your style choice or shade we will definitely have everything you need to work your new color into your look! This week however, we’re going to dive into the massive world of purple hair dye brands and teach you about all of the shades, products and styles available for you to make your own.

Already know what you’re looking for? Head straight over to the Purple Section here or carry on reading for top quality color advice!

What Purple Hair Dye Brands Are right for me? 

Whether you’re a newcomer to dying your hair or you just need a quick recap on brands, the key thing to realise is that it’s mainly down to preference.  On our website we feel that we stock some of the best purple hair dye for dark hair around, but the key deciding factor when it comes to making a definitive decision is your preference. Sure, some of our brands and products have unique features such as being vegan friendly, PPD free and Ultra violet reactive; but if none of that matters to you, our recommendation would be to go with something that you’re familiar with. Dying your hair at home should be fun, quick and easy so don’t stress when it comes to picking a brand!

With that in mind however you should also be aware that some brands such as the Manic Panic Amplified range may be more suited to you if you’re looking for purple hair dye semi permanent that will last a little longer than your usual product!

Crazy Color

Herman's Amazing

La Riche Direction

Manic Panic




New Purple Hair Dye Ideas & Colors To Try

Now you’ve picked your favourite brand, let’s move on to colors; and oh boy is there a few. Gone are the days of asking for purple hair and only being able to choose from one of three colors. Here at Dye My hair we have a whopping range of 67 products to offer you, and that’s just for purple! If you stick with us, and you have a favourite shade; you can guarantee we’ll be able to point you in the direction to your perfect dye.

With purple dyes becoming more and more of a sought after color, there’s no wonder that there’s such a wide variety of shades to choose from. Here at Dye My Hair we have shades of Lilac, Lavender, Violet, Indigo, Plum and even some shades in between! 

Purple Hair Dye Colour Pallette

Are you eager to get stuck right into choosing colors?  Then why not click our color palette above or keep reading and we’ll show you some of our favourite colors from these purple hair dye styles sections.

Lie Locks Manic Panic Purple Hair Dye Pastel     Crazy Color Lavender Purple Hair Dye

La Riche Lavender Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye Colour     Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye Colour For Dark Hair

Remember! If you’re looking for pastel hair color but there’s a specific medium purple hair color that you adore, you can always try out a pastelizer. Products such as the Manic Panic Manic Mixer classic Cream Formula Pastel-izer can be used to turn your favourite colors even lighter! Or are you specifically looking for the best purple hair dye for dark hair? Take into account that if you have a natural dark hair color you may need to use a bleach kit to bring your hair to a lighter shade. This will give your chosen color a fresh palette to work on and maximise its color intensity! 

Bleach Kits, Pastelizer, Pastel Hair Colour, 30 volume

So there you have it, a quick look into purple hair dye at Dye My Hair. Have you chosen one of these shades recently? Show it off and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Purple Hair Dye Brands – Your Guide To Colours

Purple Hair Dye Brands – Your Guide To Colours

Have you had a look through at all of our purple hair dye brands and considered trying out the look for yourself? These purple hair dye for dark hair and light will give you enough inspiration to...

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