Marilyn Monroe Hair: How To Get The Iconic Blonde Bob

Marilyn Monroe Hair: How To Get The Iconic Blonde Bob


When we think of Marilyn Monroe Hair our minds are immediately taken to the classic short blonde curls that became so iconic. Many see Marilyn Monroe as one of the first major female movie stars. She knew how to play to the camera and the public was besotted with her. It is hardly surprising she was such a big influence on fashion.

Back when magazines showed you exactly where to set your pin curls in order to get the latest styles, there was a Marilyn Monroe haircut diagram. Here is Marilyn with her pin curl set. To create her style, twist your hair tightly at the top. Angle the side twists towards to back of your head and twist your pin curls around the back of your head too. Use this same technique if you are looking for how to do Marilyn Monroe hair with rollers.

Marilyn Monroe Hair

Before you begin creating your Marilyn Monroe hairstyle you can apply mousse to your hair, especially if you want your style to hold firm. One of the key features of her hairstyle is the sweep style of the parting so be sure to bear this in mind.

Depending on the technique you are using you will either need to dry your hair if you are curling wet hair once the pins are in or use heated rollers and apply heat to already dry hair. It is rumoured Marilyn preferred to curl her hair while wet so for the closest match to Marilyn Monroe hairstyles for short hair this is the technique to use.

If you have long hair you can still take inspiration from her iconic style. You will just need to be more patient with the curling process. Marilyn Monroe hairstyles for medium hair can be just as gorgeous and bouncy as short hair. In fact, you may be surprised by how much shorter your hair looks once it has been styled in tight curls.

Marilyn Monroe Hair

Once you have thoroughly dried and applied heat to your hair leave it to rest for a few minutes before taking out the rollers or pins. Then your hairstyle is ready to go. If you want to tidy up your look you can gently comb your hair or use your fingers to style your hair. You can also set your hair with hairspray if you wish.

Of course, if you want the full Marilyn Monroe makeover then dab on your brightest red lipstick, pencil on some high arched brows and finish your look with that famous beauty spot.

The Ultimate Marilyn Monroe Haircut

This is the place to be for all things Marilyn Monroe hair. If you are looking to learn how to cut Marilyn Monroe haircut then read on. If you are looking for complete accuracy in your Marilyn Monroe hairstyle then you are most likely going to want to grow out your layers. This will give a full, thick appearance and will leave the curls to add the texture to your look.

Many people worry if they will suit this style. The great thing is although the Marilyn Monroe haircut face shape is unique; the idea behind the hairstyle is not. This classic 50s pin-curled look can be achieved by anyone no matter what your face shape. All the stars were curling their hair so simply adapt the style until you find the look that works best for you.

Marilyn Monroe Hair

Marilyn Monroe Hair Color

Last but not least we can’t wait to recommend some of our favourite dye colours to create a classic Marilyn Monroe shade. The original blonde bombshell, you can opt for anything from a platinum blonde to a more yellow hue. Here are our favourite platinum blondes:

If you are looking for modern Marilyn Monroe hair why not try an alternative new colour. Marilyn might have been a little limited on colour choices in the 50s but here at Dye My Hair, we think she would love to try these shades:

Marilyn Monroe Hair

If you are going for a brighter yellow style then we have something to suit you too. This colour can really glow on camera so if you are heading out for a Marilyn inspired photo shoot then why not opt for one of these:

Now you know how to get the cut, the colour and the style we know your Marilyn Monroe Hair will look perfect! We would love to see your versions of this famous pin-curled ‘do so why not share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram?

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Marilyn Monroe Hair: How To Get The Iconic Blonde Bob

Marilyn Monroe Hair: How To Get The Iconic Blonde Bob

Marilyn Monroe Hair is an iconic look that will always look gorgeous. This haircut with rollers is a classic 1950s look and can be achieved by you at home with the right color and technique

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