Favourite New Spring 2018 Hairstyles

Favourite New Spring 2018 Hairstyles

Out with winter and in with spring! It’s that time of year again when the sun begins to shine and you can start being more adventurous with your fashion choices. When it comes to picking new spring hairstyles for long hair or short, there are hundreds of options; but to reinvent yourself you need to take it that little bit further. Bright hair color dyes can be a liberating way to own your new style and make something truly unique out of your spring 2018 hair style. Pick your favorite shade from a massive selection of products and get incorporating them into your look! 

So with that let us take you through some of our favorite upcoming spring haircuts and colors from our most recent Instagram posts and blogs. Check out the full Dye My Hair website here for our entire list of shades!

Spring 2018 Hair Cut Trends With Dark Hair Dye

If you’re in need of a brand new 2018 haircut trend to finish off your next look, we’ve got you covered. On our Instagram we regularly post new and upcoming hair do’s that incorporate new hair dye colors to make them unique. In the last few weeks many of our reposts have seen new styles that try to create a subtle spring 2018 haircut with the use of colorful hair dye techniques.

Dye My Hair Marron Flower Plaits Hair Dye   Magenta Spring Hairstyle Dye

The thing that makes both of these posts such excellent choices for your next spring hairstyle is that not only do the flowers look beautiful, but it is incredibly easy to recreate these plaits at home. Fallen in love with the ombre finish too? That’s not a problem! Not only is ombre hair colour one of the easiest hair dye techniques to recreate; you’ll be able to do it in your own home with a favorite dye of your choosing!

Don’t forget to click the images to take you to matching hair colour products, or check out the full website here!

Gorgeous Spring Hair Styles For Long Hair

Although those haircuts are pretty gorgeous; we’re sure that there are some of you that are looking for something even more jaw dropping. If you love the most shocking and vibrant colors then the Dye My Hair Instagram and blogs will have something to fit your needs. For Spring however we recommend exotic and elegant pastel colors and silver shades. With hot trends such as rainbow hair and opal dye popping up since last spring 2017 hairstyles, chances are it’s something that friends and fellow dye-hards know very little about!

Fancy some more detailed information on rainbow hair dye? Find out the amazing styles and products you can use to recreate this look in our blog! But in the meantime, if you’re keen to dive into pastel and platinum hair dye colors; check out our Instagram favorites below!

Pastel Rainbow Hair Dye Styles    Silver Platinum Spring Hair Dye Style

What do you think? Don’t forget that it’s also easy for you to recreate these spring hairstyle for short hair as well! Simply choose your style, dye and you’re all set. If you’re concerned about how to perform any of the styles above such as ombre, highlights or balayage; the Dye My Hair website has a host of information for you to utilise! Just remember to pick up your accessories such as a mixing bowl, hair tint brush and if you require it, a Dye My Hair Bleach Kit!

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Favourite New Spring 2018 Hairstyles

Favourite New Spring 2018 Hairstyles

Get a new Spring 2018 hairstyle at Dye My Hair. Check out the top trending hair color products and styles in this new blog!

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