Get Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair

Get Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair

As time goes on we see more and more of you looking for how to get Game Of Thrones Khaleesi hair. For those who have watched the show, this hair color needs no introduction, but for those who don’t this blog will give you the low down on how to get the iconic Khaleesi hair braids and silver hair dye color.

If you’ve arrived here and already know the exact color hair dye you want in order to recreate this beautiful cut for yourself; check out our hair dye sections below! But if not, keep reading for tips, tricks and inspiration.

Top 5 Khaleesi Hair Styles

After watching the show it’s obvious that a Khaleesi hairstyle can be recreated with a few different shades. Primarily it’s very clear that in order to get this style yourself you’re going to need to go for a very light shade. Within the show we can see Daenerys Hair Color change from either an incredibly light blonde, all the way to silver, depending on the lighting and the scene.  Check out our top 5 favourite Danaerys Targaryen looks below and start planning your next look. Whether your like our hair to be a centre piece with luscious braids, or something simple and flow; we’re sure there will be something you’ll fall in love with.

Top 5 Khaleesi Hair Styles

The Best Daenerys Targaryen Hair Colors

Our first choice for Targaryen hair would be an incredibly light blonde hair color which can be seen donned by Khaleesi and her brother throughout the show. In order to make sure that this hair color is as bright and as beautiful as possible you’re going to need to consider bleach and toner kits. Unless you have very light hair to begin with you’re going to need to start with bleach in order to perfect your Emilia Clarke hair color. By using bleach, you can strip away any dark hair tones that may ruin the hair dye color that you’re going for and give you a fresh palette to work on.  Feel that there’s too much unwanted color left after the bleaching process? Don’t worry; you can easily use a toning product to bring you hair to one solid block color. Check out our full list of toners here

The Best Khaleesi Hair Dye Products

As we mentioned previously, due to the beautiful and bright nature of this hairstyle, it’s important for you to bleach your hair prior to using your new Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair. For this you can choose from one of our various bleach kits here, but the important thing is to choose a brand you’re comfortable with! If you’re not quite sure of what kit to go for we would recommend our Dye My Hair Bleach Kit which has everything you need to start the color transformation!

Once the bleaching part of your hair is over; it’ll be time to apply your new hair dye. For the best Khaleesi hair transformation we recommend Silver Blonde, Platinum or White Hair Dye

Khaleesi Hair Silver Blonde Dye

Khaleesi Hair White Semi Permanent Dye

Khaleesi Hair Braids White Silver

All of these products are semi-permanent, meaning that they will be more nourishing on your hair and will wash out within 6-8 weeks! Just remember that after dying you hair to refrain from frequently washing as this will remove your new hair dye color quicker!

Are you new to dying your hair? If so then be sure to check out our How To Dye & Patch Testing Information pages! Also don’t forget to forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more trending hair dye styles and products!

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Get Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair

Get Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair

Find out how to treat your head to an iconic Khaleesi hair style. The mother of dragons from Game Of Thrones sports one of the most luscious hairstyles in modern times; not just Westeros. Check out...

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