How To Style Your Hair With Punky Hair Dye

How To Style Your Hair With Punky Hair Dye

Originating in the 1970s, punk fashion was epitomised by mohawks and daring hair colours. Today punk styles have divided into subcategories, with some of the more extreme fans of this fashion trend opting for outrageous hairstyles. Of course, you can just enjoy a streak of colour to create your subtle nod to punky hair dye.

So, which are the colours worth talking about? If you want to buy punky colour UK it is important to get the right shade. Pastels and light hues just won’t do, bright and bad is the only way to go when it comes to punk styles.

One of the most iconic colours found in popular films and television is the rebellious purple hairstreak. A deep shade of punky colour purple against a dark hair colour is the perfect way to dip your toes into punk styles. Nowadays we love nothing more than blending different fashion styles together so you don’t need to completely change your wardrobe to match your new rebellious ‘do. However, if you want to go all out then be sure to check out clothing styles too.

Which dyes do you need to create a punky colour violet? We are going to look at two different styles of purple. The first is a smoky splash of purple against a darker colour. To achieve this you will need to lighten the tips of your hair before applying your purple dye. Our top 3 matches for this colour are:

Punky Hair Dye, Purple

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For the second look you will need a purple dye with pink tones. This is perfect for full-coverage or can be used as a dip dye with any natural hair colour. Here are our top picks for this style:

Punky Hair Dye, Violet

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Many of these hairstyles work best with a dark natural looking hair colour so why not use punky colour ebony as your base. Ebony is slightly lighter than black meaning it won’t look so harsh and will help bring out the lighter tones in our dye colours. Check out this blog post for more information on ebony hair dyes.

Alternative Shades Of Punky Hair Dye

Our next style is a punky colour fire. Again, this style features the punky colour on dark hair but has less of the dark colour showing than other styles. The key to using a fiery orange or red is to emulate the look of a real fire. The darker roots are like the hot coals and the colour graduates into red hot flames. These are the shades we would recommend for an orange style:

Punky Hair Dye, Fire

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The next style to consider is a bright punky colour alpine green. Green is one of the best alternative hair colours because it is so far away from our natural shades. This means you are guaranteed to stand out and make it your own. Adding a hint of UV dye can also create an amazing style. Here are the shades we are in love with:

Punky Hair Dye, Green

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Our final shade is close to green but has hints of blue to create a totally indescribable shade. Punky colour turquoise is a shade that can be reclaimed by alternative fashion. This shade peaked in popularity during the mermaid hair season but now it is time to pair it with dark shades to turn it back into a punk style. Here are the 3 shades you need:

Punky Hair Dye, Turquoise

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By now you shouldn’t need to think punky colour hair dye where to buy? This is just a taster of the colours we stock, so with many more shades to explore the answer couldn’t be more straightforward. Here at Dye My Hair, we like to make sure you can find your dream colour.

After a whole lot of punky colour UK, we hope you are feeling inspired. Remember we love seeing your hair transformations so make sure to share a punky hair dye pic with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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How To Style Your Hair With Punky Hair Dye

How To Style Your Hair With Punky Hair Dye

Looking for an alternative style to help you stand out from the crowd? Check out Punky Hair Dye in purple, violet, turquoise, green and orange!

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