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Something about a change in season just begs for a radical hair color alteration! If you’re looking at a new color for a new season, what could be better than deeply warming cherry red hair to make a stand-out look? Now, there’s no hiding the fact the we’re big fans of pretty much any vibrant dye-job, but there is a special place in our hearts for deep red hair color. No other shade turns heads quite like a rich and smoldering red! Are you ready to make an impact?

Make dark red hair dye work for you

Rich red hair color is undoubtedly a must-have show-stopping shade no matter the season. We’re talking about the dark, rich, purple-toned shades of red like burgundy, pink-red and black cherry hair dye. As these colors are pink or purple-toned, they generally look stunning against cool-toned skin. However, if you have warm-toned skin with hazel or green eyes and peachy undertones, you might want to be wary of the cherry red shades as they could end up making your skin look sallow. This doesn’t mean you need to take dark red hair dye off the table all together though! Instead, choose a vibrant shade of red with copper or gold undertones that compliments your natural skin-tone.

We recommend that you consider factors like skin tone and personal hairstyle before making a color decision. While you will look fine with most red hair dye colors, some may have some amazing effects on your look. If you are in any doubt about whether cherry red hair color is right for your skin tone, having a quick chat with a professional stylist will clear things up.

Think outside the cherry hair dye box

There are a million and one different ways you can rock your cherry red locks! You could go for a standard, but none-the-less gorgeous all over color, or if you’re feeling creative you could try something a little different. One cherry red dye style is making a big impact this year and it works brilliantly on brunette hair – the Cherry B’ombre!

As the name suggests, the Cherry B’ombre is a dip-dyed look using cherry red dye blended into a rich brown color. If cherry cola was a hair color, it would be the Cherry B’ombre! Medium and dark brunettes can achieve this look by using an ombre bleaching kit to first lighten the lower section of their hair. This can be done fairly easily but it is important to make sure you don’t leave a harsh line between your existing color and the bleached area. For the next stage, choose your favorite shade of red (we love black cherry hair dye) to dye over the lightened ends and blend over the lower part of the brunette area. The result will be a delicious looking blend of cherry red and rich brown tones!

There is really no end to your options when choosing a cherry red hair style, let your creativity run wild! You could opt to lighten slim sections of your hair and add some vibrant red streaks, or even keep it simple with a single chunky lock of color framing your face. If you’ve got very deep brown or black hair, you might be wondering what would be the best red hair dye for dark hair. You’ve actually got quite a few options! The shade you choose and whether or not you lighten your hair beforehand should depend on how bold the color is that you’re aiming for. If you have very dark hair and don’t really feel like taking peroxide to it, you can achieve a radiantly beautiful cherry red tint by applying a semi-permanent color directly to your hair. The black cherry hair dye we mentioned earlier would be a great option for this look!

Keep your cherry red hairdo as good as new

We’re sorry to break it to you but deep red hair color is one of the hardest shades to maintain. If you’ve been a bottle redhead in the past you might have noticed how quickly it seems to fade out compared to other colors. As it happens, red really does fade faster than other shades and it’s all down to the size of the color pigment molecules, our hair just cannot hold on to them! Luckily, there is a lot you can do to extend the life of your cherry red hair color:

  • Choose a good-quality semi-permanent dye, such as Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Bloody Mary or Scarlett Rogue Red. This wonderful hair dye really lives up to its name, by conditioning your hair as it colors! The healthier your hair is, the longer your vibrant red shade will last.
  • After you have colored with a cherry hair dye, avoid that first shower for as long as possible. Allowing the fresh dye to set for three to four days before you wash it will slow down the fading process. Thank goodness for dry shampoo!
  • Try using cool (or if you’re feeling very brave, cold) water to wash your hair. It helps to reset the color every time you shower and should minimize the amount of dye running off your locks.
  • If you frequently use heated tools such as straighteners, hair dryers and curlers to style your hair, make sure you always use a heat-protection styling spray or serum. Nothing damages cherry red hair color quite like intense heat!

Cherry red is widely considered to be the best red hair dye for dark hair, but in our opinion this highly-versatile shade looks great on just about anybody! If you’re not quite ready to commit to a lasting color, why not try one of our fabulous wash-out hair dyes like Stargazer neon hair chalk in red? You could have a different, head-turning hair-style every night of the week!