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At first, it probably seems a little odd that you can dye your hair gray when so many of us are dying our hair to avoid gray… but when you see someone who’s really pulled off the dark gray hair dye look, you’ll understand.

Dark coal blacks lifted with slivers of gray and very pale, cold platinum blondes deepened by silver highlights are very fashionable right now. They’re also very easy to wear with all your clothes and suit most complexions. Tell your granny it’s ok to be gray and dive into the trend yourself.

Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to dark gray hair dye, beginning with style icons who’ve dyed their hair, delving through the not-quite-50 shades of gray hair dye from leading brands and ending on a fool-proof method to dying your own hair at home!

Best Gray Hair Dye Styles from Celebrities

Besides the glorious Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Jamie Lee Curtis who are rocking natural gray hair, there’s a surprising number of young celebrities who are enjoying dark gray hair too…

Dascha Polanco, the actress who starred in Orange is the New Black has dyed her long, dark locks with dark gray hair dye color. By starting with dark gray hair color, dyed using the best gray hair dye available at Dye My Hair, you can add light silver highlights and a touch of lavender hair dye to create a beautiful, unique ombre look like Dascha.

Nicole Richie, childhood friend to Paris Hilton, model, fashion designer and TV personality has dyed her hair a light silver gray in the past. She cut her hair style short and natural, styling it in loose waves pointing upwards. The light silver gray color is easily achievable at home with silver gray hair dye – try La Riche Directions “Silver” hair dye for a similar shade.

Technically Halle Berry was wearing a wig when she portrayed Storm in the hit movie franchise X Men; but it’s actually quite simple to replicate on your real hair at home. Start by thoroughly bleaching your hair (follow the tips under how to get gray hair at home below) and adding a dab of very light silver gray. Storm has had both long and short hair during different movies in the franchise, so you have plenty of inspiration for how to style your new dark gray hair!

If you’re not sure which shade of gray to go for, fear not. Keep reading to discover the best permanent, semi-permanent and temporary gray hair dyes.

Permanent Silver Hair Dye Brands

Finding permanent silver hair dye isn’t rocket science, just look at how many top brands at Dye My Hair have different shades available! Browse the best of the best here.

  • Crazy Color. The darkest shade of dark gray hair dye color from Crazy Color is Graphite. It’s a deep, dark shade that reminds us of charcoal. You’ll want to use a dark silver hair toner to keep this shade shiny and deep. Crazy Color also have Platinum and Silver shades; Platinum has hints of bleach and is very pale while Silver almost has a tint of cold blue.

  • La Riche Directions. Currently La Riche Directions have the lightest of all silver gray hair dye colors, called simply Silver. This hair dye is conditioning and gentle on your hair, which is perfect if it’s a little damaged from previous dying or bleach.

  • Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. There are 3 shades from this hair dye brand, each named after a granny! Gilda is the lightest permanent silver hair dye (although no way near as light as La Riche Directions), followed by Sylvia which is a mid-dark gray color, and finally Mathilda, a very dark gray hair color that’s verging on black.

  • Stargazer. If you’re looking for a good gray hair toner, look no further than Stargazers Silverlock hair toner for dyed gray hair. An essential buy with your other gray hair products!

  • Paintglow. The only gray hair shade available from Paintglow is similar to Crazy Colors Silver shade, with that lovely tint of dark, metallic blue. Called Silver Storm, Paintglow’s dye is an unforgettable dark gray hair dye color.

Finally, lets talk about temporary hair dyes. Perhaps you just need a wash out color for Halloween night or a tester patch to see if the color suits you… Luckily, Manic Panic have just the thing you need. We definitely recommend trying their Stiletto temporary styling gel.

How to Get Gray Hair at Home

Besides waiting a really long time, you can get beautiful silver gray hair dye to use at home for perfect dark gray hair every time. Follow this method and you can’t really go wrong.

  • Apply bleach: it’s very important to bleach your hair before even attempting to dye your hair with dark gray hair dye.Any hint of your natural color will muddy the gray color, ruining the look completely.

  • Follow instructions: carefully follow the instructions on the bleach and dark gray hair dye. Don’t assume it will be the same as the hair dye from another brand! Test patches are essential too.

  • Use gray hair toner: by using gray or silver hair toner, not only do you reduce the bright reds, browns and coppers found naturally in our hair but you also ensure that the permanent silver hair dye lasts for much longer.

  • Touch up roots: the gray hair toner will certainly help to reduce the appearance of roots and strands of hair you may have accidentally missed, but it’s still necessary to touch up the roots when your hair dye begins to fade.

  • Look after your hair:dark gray hair color needs to be looked after. Use protein and keratin rich hair products (from the same brand as your hair dye if possible) to strengthen your hair and help it to hold onto the color for longer.

With careful preparation using the best gray hair dye from Dye My Hair, we’re confident you’ll have modern, elegant dark gray hair that even your grandma will be jealous of!