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It is so easy to make an impression by trying a head turning shade of platinum hair color! Platinum is a sure way to jazz up your look and is available online from platinum silver hair color to extreme platinum hair dye; it is the perfect color for adding a splash of fun and glamour to your look!

Why Should You Opt for Platinum Hairstyles?

Today, platinum silver hair is one of the most on trend hair colors which has been splashed through the media by a variety of celebs and personalities. Platinum is such a beautiful and feminine color, that can brighten up a full head of hair, but can also be the ideal way to make a change from blonde hair for a special occasion or just for fun!

With a variety of shades to choose from online, including shades of platinum grey hair, platinum silver hair dye and extreme platinum hair dye, platinum hairstyles have been made famous by stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian, but also through the hit TV series Game of Thrones.
With a softness and femininity that you just cannot find with darker hair colors, it’s no wonder why platinum hair shades are still as popular as they were in the time of Marilyn Monroe!

Whether you are leaning toward a block of solid platinum color, streaks or pretty highlights, platinum silver hair is a sure way to impress and to make a change from your regular blonde color or to completely change it up for an entirely new and daring look!

No matter what your skin tone, a platinum shade is sure to bring out your party side. Platinum is one of the most popular hair dye shades on the market, and the color itself has many connotations with beauty, femininity and sexiness. Whether you’re looking for platinum silver hair dye to suit your fair skin or dark skin, you will no doubt find your shade at Dye My Hair.

Which Shade of Platinum Hair Color Will Work For You?

The most important decision to make, of course, is deciding which platinum shade works for you. We have plenty of platinum colors which will help you keep your locks in check for as long as you want, even for platinum hair color on dark hair! Or if you are after something that will wash in wash out, then there are plenty of hair chalks and hair gels which act as a natural lightener. As well as the longer lasting hair dyes, these temporary options are perfect for a quick color fix for a party or an event. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that when shopping on line with Dye My Hair, you can select from a plethora of the best platinum hair dye brands out there! Here are a selection or our best platinum hair color brands which you can choose from:

  • Crazy Color
  • La Riche Directions
  • Manic Panic
  • Herman's

With such an exceptional range of semi-permanent platinum and silver hair color available, you do not need to search through the stores for the best platinum hair color on the market, we have got it all here for you, at prices that won't break the bank!

Getting the Best From Your Platinum Hair Color

Achieving and maintaining a complete platinum hair dye look on dark hair can be a bit of a struggle if you don't follow the right steps; it’s certainly an exceptional look for those of you willing to work for it! If you are ready to rock platinum silver hair, we have compiled a few handy tips for making the color work for you.

  1. Preparation – when dying your hair an intensely light color such as platinum or blonde, which involves bleaching, it is important to protect the impact the color will have on your hair through thorough conditioning and strengthening. The bleach may weaken the hair, so it is important to use keratin and protein-based products as part of your preparation. You have even want to have a haircut to trim any split ends before bleaching your hair.

  2. Bleaching – lightening your hair creates a blank canvas on which the colored dye can be more easily applied than to dark. It is desirable to lighten hair to a level 9-10 to ensure your natural hair color does not impact the results of the shade if you are looking for a more silvery or grey end result. Make sure to do your research before coloring and test the bleach product on your skin before a full head application.

  3. Toning – using a hair toner is a great way of removing any residual brassiness from your hair color. Using toner products ensures your chosen color ends up the way you want them, without any stubborn underlying tones – we want your new platinum hair tone to look its best!

After this process, it is completely up to you how you put on your hair dye. Before you begin applying your dye, it is essential to test possible shades for at least 48 hours. This ensures that you are happy with the color before you cover your head in semi-permanent platinum hair dye and gives you the time to change to a different shade.