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Peach hair dye is yet another exciting shade that has burst onto the hair color scene. It’s out with the old brown, black, red and blonde hair dyes and in with the new shades of pastels, muted tones, neon and more. The hair industry has transformed itself and is challenging brave hairdressers and clients to create hair colors and styles that are to “dye” for! Check out our peach hair dye Manic Panic, for example; it’s the perfect blend for a light and airy summer of fun, a photo shoot or a cheeky Halloween costume.

Peach hair can come in almost a rose gold peach to a bright orange peach. With creativity and a trustworthy dye, you can make it just about any shade you can think of. Many choose peach as it is a softer option than going for a full pink ‘do. We have plenty of dyes in our collection which make a new peach hairstyle more than achievable at home.

Keep in mind, shades of peach will vary, depending on the natural color of your hair. Blondes may be able to achieve a deeper or bright peach because their hair color is more accepting of the dye. It is possible to get peach hair dye for dark hair, but you’ll need to read up on hair bleaching (don’t worry; we have a guide for that!).

Shop The Best Peach Hair Dye Brands

Now that you’ve found the peachy shade you like, which brand dye should you use? Whether you’re trying to achieve dark peach hair or peach hair ombre, we’ve got the brand for you!

The top brands we love and stock, here at Dye My Hair are the highest quality dyes which produce simply awesome colors! Peach is no exception as you can try out a huge range of pastel pinks and oranges, make sure to check out all the brands below and choose the best shade for you!

  • Crazy Color
  • Herman’s Amazing
  • La Riche Directions 
  • Manic Panic
  • Paintglow
  • Splat
  • Stargazer

Also, don’t forget that the hair dyeing process can be very messy, be sure to have all of the necessary accessories on hand. For example, it is ideal to have proper hand wear such as latex or plastic gloves to protect your hands from turning peachy! Next, a dye bowl to properly mix your product is key. Dye bowls allow you to create the perfect color without clumps and lumps. This will help you to achieve even and full coverage when you apply neon peach hair dye!

The final accessory you’ll need is a quality dye brush. They make dye brushes in every shape and size, so be sure to find one that will help you go for the look you’re trying to achieve. Here at Dye My Hair, we’ve got all of the dyes and accessories you’ll need to see this peach hair trend through, including bleach kits and toners. We’re basically your one-stop shop!

Peach Hair Styles We Love

In reality, peach hair color dye looks fantastic anyway you wear it, but we find that a few styles accentuate our peach colors the best. Consider styling your hair in the following styles:

  • Crown Braid
  • French Braid
  • Reverse Braid
  • Top Knot
  • Buns 
  • Curls
  • Straight

Not only are these adorable styles perfect to show off your peach colored hair dye, but they are suitable for concerts, festivals, school, work and everyday wear. Braids will especially highlight peach dye that is paired with another dye as it creates a textured look. Experiment with a whole range of exciting colors and unique styles which are guaranteed to stand out.

Because peach dyed hair is such a versatile color, it can also be highlighted or lowlighted with other colors. Consider pairing peach dye with your natural hair color. You could color the tips or even create an ombre look. Peach is a color that pairs great with blondes, brunettes and more! Peach can also be used with a pink hue or other pastel favorites to create a super subtle shade.

Peach hair color accentuates many popular looks like mermaid fashion, unicorn trends, harajuku and kawaii styles and more. Because peach is so versatile it is one of our most popular collections, be sure to bag yours before it’s gone.

How to Care for Peach Dye Hair

When caring for dyed hair of any color, it is important to treat it right! For starters, you should always check what products to use for your hair type. By using the correct products, you’ll be able to wear your peach dye hair for longer!

Next you’ll want to wait a few days after you have dyed your hair to wash it, usually two days is recommended. This waiting period allows your dye to set in while minimizing color bleeding. After washing your dyed hair, allow it to dry naturally and reduce the use of heat on your hair. Minimizing the use of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons will protect your hair and keep it as healthy as possible. You should also avoid brushing your hair while wet, it can cause damage.

Once you have selected your shade and brand and have picked up all your essential accessories you will be ready to use Peach Hair Dye. This fun shade is sure to become a hit this summer and we think it will be here to stay!