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It’s a tough decision, picking new hair color. Red brown hair dye colors are very popular and with the right dyes and application method, can be absolutely stunning. Natural blondes, gingers and brunettes can achieve vibrant yet natural looking hair shades by using the hair dye red brown.

In ancient times, those with ginger, vibrant red and reddy brown hair color were often viewed suspiciously. They were either accused of witchcraft, association with the devil or just outcast as being too different. Thank goodness that’s all changed! Reddy brown hair is now as admired and sought after as other popular colors.

You can opt to dye your hair in one shade, or mix and match with streaks, lowlights and highlights to create a glossy, sleek hair-do of melting red-brown colors. In this short guide, we’ll cover the different shades you can try out, how to safely apply the hair dye, and some great people and places to look for hair color inspiration.

The Best Red Brown Hair Dye

All the best red brown hair dyes can be separated into 3 main categories; light, rich and vibrant. If you want to really turn heads, look at the brighter shades. If you want to have lush, luxurious colored hair, go for the rich shades. And if you want something summery and fun, go for the light brown red hair dyes.

Hailey Hazel Brown is a delightfully light brown shade from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Color. This would make a great base for your brown red hair, combined with other light or muted red shades. Take a look at using Crazy Color’s Coral Red shade with the Hazel Brown to create your own unique shade. Alternatively, you could use Bloody Mary from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Color to add some dark lowlights instead.

Flame Red from La Riche Directions is a warm, autumnal shade of rich brown hair color is quite dark. It reminds us of flame colored leaves and woodland walks. Use as a light tint over natural brown hair and the red colors will really come out in the sunshine.

Vermillion from Crazy Color is a reddy brown hair color is a lighter version of La Riche Direction’s Flame Red. Again, you can use as a tint over brunette hair or go for the full color from root to tip.

These two reddish brown hair colors are closer to red than brown; make sure you bleach your hair appropriately if you want these colors to really shine rather than tint.

Foxy Red from Stargazer is a combination of mousy brown with fox fur red. Dye your hair like a foxy lady and rock this reddish brown hair color.

Resurrection Red from Paintglow is a dark, auburn shade. This is the perfect mix of mahogany and bright red. It’s a mature shade that’s lovely and dark. This shade would look amazing as a dip dye for the ends of your reddish brown hair color.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with hair dyes, but if you’re still a little uncertain we recommend checking out the temporary dyes, wash-out chalks and gels.

How to get Perfect Reddy Brown Hair Color

To obtain the ultimate, perfect reddy brown hair color you need to take steps to prepare your hair and look after your new brown red hair color.

The weeks before: start by using hair products for colored hair. Make sure to use plenty of conditioner. This will keep it strong and ready to absorb all the hair dye. Red brown dyes don’t usually require you to bleach all your hair in advance if you’re already a brunette (the red color will merely tint it) but if you’re going from a vibrant color (green, pink, blue etc.) you will need to leave plenty of time to bleach your hair and allow it to recover. Make sure to patch test any products you intend to use.

During: Follow the instructions carefully, leaving the dye on for as long as needed to obtain the beautiful rich brown hair color that you desire.

The day after: leave a towel on your pillow for the first couple nights, just to catch any dye that’s still working its way out. Wait a full 72 hours before washing it with products, even those that are specially formulated for dyed hair. This is essential for maintaining reddy brown hair color that doesn’t fade.

The weeks after: continue to use your color preserve hair products, applying brown toner and occasionally touching up roots depending on how quickly your hair grows. Take the time to look after your hair and it will really make you shine!

Red Brown Hair Dye is sure to be one of the easiest to maintain colors you have ever tried. It works wonderfully with lighter colored hair and can also be used to lighten or tint darker locks. A subtle change such as this can make a huge difference to your appearance and confidence. Enjoy finding new outfits to match with your brown tones and enjoy this sophisticated and stylish color.