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Tired of being blonde but not yet ready to go all out with bright colors? We suggest an elegant solution: chocolate brown hair dye. Perfect for people with all fashion styles, ages and restrictive work or school dress codes.

Brown hair is a very natural hair color, one that comes in endless shades with subtle differences. With hints of red, blonde, hazel, and of course chocolate, brown hair can look just as incredible as vibrant pink or purple.

Furthermore, you can find plenty of chocolate brown hair dye for dark hair types. Simply add the lighter/darker brown hair dye on top of your natural color to tint your hair or add an extra shimmer that only appears in the sunlight. It’s a refined way of refreshing your look.

Ombre brunette shades that fade from dark to light or light to dark are actually much easier to manage than you might think. Showing roots in a slightly different shade is actually quite fashionable, a style you’ve probably already seen the likes of Kristen Stewart, Kylie and Kendall Kardashian showing off in the past.

Without further ado, welcome to our guide to chocolate brown hair dye brands and how to style them!

The Best Chocolate Brown Hair Dye Styles

For ideas on how to dye hair chocolate brown with style, look no further than these 3 actresses. If you need further inspiration, why not take a look at natural brunettes? Emmy Rossum, Demy Lovato and Bella Hadid are all stunning natural brunettes.

Bella Heathcote is an Australian actress with natural light brown hair, but she’s not been afraid to indulge in dark brown chocolate hair dye. She’s styled her short, choppy hair nicely with a dark brown shade that shimmers in the light. Complete the look by wearing your hair up in an elegant do and pairing with red lipstick. Use Stargazers 3 shades of brown hair dye to achieve this.

Lindsay Lohan’s recognizable ginger locks are undeniably beautiful but we can’t blame her for wanting a change over the years! Lindsay has used chocolate color hair dye a few times, first going for a light milk chocolate hair color that glimmered with hints of her natural red color. She’s also had a dark chocolate, mahogany shade, dying her hair from root to tip.

Emma Roberts’ natural hair color is a dirty blonde shade, but she’s dyed her hair so many different shades you probably didn’t know. If you’re wanting to dye your hair a natural color that’s elegant and classical, look to Emma for inspiration. For natural brown chocolate hair dye like Emma, you’ll need to touch up the roots regularly to keep up the natural appearance.

No matter which style you choose, make sure to apply the dye according to the instructions so the color you end up with is the color you wanted.

Chocolate Brown Hair Dye Brands

There are 2 main chocolate brown hair dye brands available at Dye My Hair: Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Stargazer. Both have the best chocolate brown hair dye at Dye My Hair, but don’t forget to check out La Riche Directions, Crazy Color, Manic Panic and all the other hair dye brands for complementary colors and shades too!

Hailey Hazel Brown is a rich, nutty shade that’s a lovely chocolate brown hair dye for dark hair. Change up your usual dark locks for a lighter brown color that has hints of sun-kissed auburn.

Miley Milky Tea Brown is a bit darker than the other shade from Herman’s, Hazel. It has a duller color (although can be very glossy with the right hair care) than usual and will have you looking like a natural brunette!

Natural Brown is one of three of the best chocolate brown hair dyes from Stargazer. It’s their lightest shade, a mousy brown color that you can use to dye hair chocolate brown by adding hints of caramel or hazel.

Natural Dark Brown is a very chocolate-y shade that’s oozing luxury. Perfect for a quick way to dye hair chocolate brown in one go. Dark but certainly not bitter!

Natural Mid Brown is the final shade from Stargazer, a midway point between Natural Brown and Natural Dark Brown. Or, you could use all three to create a lovely ombre effect, starting with the lightest and just dip dying the ends in the darkest.

How to Dye Hair Chocolate Brown

The lovely thing about brown chocolate hair dye is that you don’t really need to bleach your hair first, unless you’re looking for a very solid, fake looking color. Hints of your natural blonde, brunette or ginger hair can melt through the milk chocolate hair color to create a natural looking shade.

Whether you decide to bleach your hair first or not, you still need to do things properly. Start by preparing your hair using the following tips:

  • Get your hair in good shape, go for a hair cut to ensure that you have no damaged ends and ask your hairdresser for any hints and tips on how to dye your specific hair style.
  • Use keratin and protein full shampoos and conditioners to prepare your hair: by doing this your hair will be able to absorb the chocolate color hair dye better and hold onto it for longer. Keep using these products for as long as you have your hair dyed.
  • Do a test patch on your arm or leg to ensure you know what the shade is really like on your hair color. Seek medical attention immediately if it feels itchy or you have a serious reaction.
  • Don’t leave the brown chocolate hair dye on for longer than the packet instructions as this could damage your hair or ruin the color.

So there you have it; our quick guide on how to dye your hair chocolate brown. With such a natural color don’t feel afraid to mix and match with highlights and lowlights, dip dyes and streaks to create a unique shade! Once you’ve mastered using the chocolate brown hair dye brands, move onto vibrant, colorful shades too.