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It’s one of the most beautiful, precious hair colors in the world and for centuries, women and men alike have been wanting different shades of red hair. It is thought that only 1-2% of the world’s population have naturally occurring red (also known as ginger) hair, and that’s why a lot of us must resort to ginger hair dye! Why? Well because, who wouldn’t want to have bright, luscious orange hair? We’re all about ginger hair dye this season and it turns out so are the trends of the beauty and catwalk world, it doesn’t matter what shade it is, they’re loving every shade. You should be too, that’s why we’ve put together this article, to show you the best trends, styles and looks you can go for when you finally take that plunge in dying your hair ginger!

Despite the myth, redheads actually originated in Asia not Scandinavia or Scotland. Most redheads have pale-skin, but it does look great with darker skin, it just doesn’t really occur naturally. The undertones of redheads can be anything from deep burgundy through to burnt red-orange and even strawberry blonde. You can get darker colors or lighter ones, as for dye, lighter shades of ginger take longer to achieve as they must lighten the hair follicles before dying. We advise anyone looking at going a light ginger to bleach their hair first and then putting the light ginger hair dye on.

For those who are choosing a dark ginger hair dye, we advise to just simply put the dye on your natural hair. If you have very dark hair (like black or very dark brown) naturally then the ginger might not take to the dark ginger color at first, so you might want to buy 2 boxes of hair dye or go to the salon more than once, some of our brands also do red hair dye for dark hair that you could try too. Changing your hair drastically might change the look of your face so you should be careful that the color you choose is one that will suit you and your skin tone. Ginger is a really nice color to go for if you want to look elegant, chic and modest at the same time.

Ginger Hair Trends and Shades

There are so many trends and shades you can go for with your hair when you become a redhead. You definitely want one that will sizzle and make heads turn your way and only the best ginger hair dye will do that! From a dark red hair color, to bright and bushy, becoming a redhead is super versatile and fun! Who said only blondes have the best fun? Ginger’s are up there with the party animals too. It can make you feel a lot more confident and outgoing whilst giving your hair some life too. A big trend this season is to have softly contrasting roots, Selena Gomez has transitioned from a well-known brunette to a fun-loving blonde but kept her roots her natural color. An idea for ginger hair is to have darker contrasting roots that give your hair more volume and make it look even edgier. It’s such a pretty and convenient hairstyle and it’s not high maintenance either (which is good for busy dyehards on the go!)

Highlighted ginger hair is also a hairstyle you need to try out at one point in your life and what better time than now? You can highlight your ginger red hair color or you can put undertones in it and go darker. Whatever you decide, it is sure to look great. When getting a look like this done, it’s always an option to go to a professional salon with your selected dye as it’s can be difficult to create this look yourself.

The fiery fade is another trend that is huge right now, this ombre style starts with bright, redhead orange at the top of the hair (by the roots) and ends fading into a light, peachy strawberry-blonde. Whilst looking intense it also creates a sense of softness, and innocence! If you’ve got a fringe this look is also a good idea, if you don’t then you might want to think about getting your own when you use this ginger hair dye on your hair!

How to Style Ginger Hair

Ginger hair is just like other colors and isn’t hard to keep updated or maintained as it’s a natural looking color. You need not worry about bright blues or pinks that might be ruined by dark brown hair sneaking through, ginger works with your natural hair too! There are so many different styles that work with ginger hair too, just because your hair color is bright doesn’t mean you can’t shine and be the daring type you are. Whether you go for a short, cropped wavy bob or you’re more of the corkscrew shoulder-length type of gal. Anything works with your dyed ginger hair, especially curls. Although straight hair looks good, nothing beats a natural ginger curl to get heads turning your way.

Styling your ginger hair has never been easier than simply using a curling wand or brushing it up into a ponytail. If you want to be even more adventurous you can try braiding your newly dyed ginger hair into a fishtail plait or French braid, they’re so convenient and keep the hair out of your face all day (so it’s good if you’re constantly on the move!). If you’ve got longer ginger hair then you might want to keep it half up and half down. A nice hairstyle for longer hair is to braid your hair halfway and keep the rest out, it’s classy and means you can rock the hair up or hair down look whenever you want.

Probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make before whether you want your ginger hair dye semi-permanent or permanent, it is a big decision, so you will want to mull it over for a night or two. Get your hair ready for the change and as soon as you’ve got everything you need from our store get started right away for the best hair dye experience! After all, gingers have the most fun, right?