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Many people find green a difficult color to wear but when mint green hair dye is styled properly, it is incredibly flattering and always makes you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

From refreshing peppermint blue-green colors to pale pastel greens, there’s many mint green hair colors to choose from. Mint hair dye is popular with celebrities. Do you remember when these celebs first stepped out in mint green shades?

All-over color: It’s no surprise that style queen Lady Gaga has had lush pastel green hair in the past. Her all-over mint green hair color in 2012 was similar to Crazy Color’s Peppermint shade (read more below) and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Dip dye: Kylie Jenner has rocked a deep, minty green dip dye style in her shoulder length hair. It’s a timeless look that combines her natural, dark hair with a minty, blue-green shade. Dip dyeing the ends of your hair alleviates the need to cover up roots too!

Stripes and streaks: No-one does punk, bright, minty green hair streaks better than Avril Lavigne. By dyeing the feathered front pieces of hair Avril achieves a fresh, bright mint green hair color that complements her usual long blonde locks.

Mint Green Dye Shades

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and go for one of the semi-permanent pastel green hair dyes, it’s best to try some funky green hair chalks and paints that will wash out after just one wear. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll not get a great color on dark hair unless you bleach it first.

Dark, mint green hair colors can be both pastel and deep depending on the brand and color you buy. Think of dark, forest greens that feel minty, deep and full. You may still need to bleach your hair to get a full color, but you can also try just dark shades on-top of your natural colors to give a minty hair tint instead.

Light shades like peppermint, turquoise and teal mint green hair dyes work best when your hair is bleached to 10 on the lightness scale, as even a hint of your natural color could ruin the overall look. Pale colors look fab as a full-coverage color or combined with darker shades to create an ombre effect.

Blue-Green shades can also give that minty hue on their own or in an ombre effect. You might find these easier to match with your fashion style than a bright, fluorescent mint green hair dye due to the blue tones.

Best Mint Green Hair Dyes

There are many different, great brands offering a huge variety of hair dye shades but which offer the best mint green hair dye? We’ve selected a few of the best from each top brand below. There’s sure to be a minty green shade for everyone.

Crazy Color:
The Crazy Color Peppermint shade is the ultimate, super sweet pastel mint green hair dye. It’s very light so make sure you bleach your hair before applying the dye. If you are aiming for a blue-green color try Crazy Color’s Pine Green shade which has the same tones as Peppermint but is darker. Lime Twist is also a lovely green color from Crazy Color that’s more reminiscent of spearmint!

Manic Panic:
Sea Nypmh is a pastel shade of hair dye from Manic Panic. It’s a little darker than Crazy Color’s Peppermint shade but still very pastel pretty. For a little darker color, take a look at Manic Panic’s Green Envy shade. We recommend pre-lightening your hair to level 10 to get the best color from Manic Panic’s dyes.

La Riche Directions:
For bright green hair dyes that are more vivid than your usual pastel hair dye, take a look at La Riche Directions Turquoise or Spring Green shades. These semi-permanent hair dye colors can last up to 6 weeks (follow our mint green hair tips below to make it last as long as possible) and are bright but not too fluorescent. With a little expert mixing these could be beautiful pastel shades.

The Deep Emerald shade from Splat is much darker than most mint green hair dyes but still very minty in a fresh-looking way. If that’s not your style, Splat have a light yellow-green pastel hair chalk you can try to test out yellow tones!

Mint Green Hair Tips

To dye your hair mint green like a pro, make sure you follow these simple do’s and don’ts. If you’ve got dark or auburn hair, it’s especially important to bleach your hair in advance so that your pastel mint green shades really shine!

• Do prepare your hair before bleaching it by using protein-rich, keratin products. Keep your hair strong and clean before bleaching and tone your hair afterwards to ensure that your natural hair colors don’t affect the results of your dye.
• Do test the bleach and hair dye 48 hours before you dye your hair. Watch carefully to ensure you aren’t allergic.
• Do read all the instructions carefully on the bleach and dye box so you know what you’re doing.

• Don’t assume that you’re safe to dye your hair straight away if you’ve had pastel mint green hair before. Always run a test patch every time you dye your hair, 48 hours in advance.
• Don’t continue using your normal hair products once your hair is dyed. You need to use color preserving products that will stop the pastel green hair dye colors fading quickly.
• Don’t mix up mint green dye colors without testing them first so you know what shade of green you’ll end up with. Also, don’t mix different hair dye brands/chemicals.
Our mint green hair tips should be all you need to achieve a beautiful shade of mint green regardless of your natural hair color. Discover the best mint green hair dye shade and pave the way to a new, more confident you!