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From beautiful, natural-looking auburns to bright orange hair color; fiery hair is the perfect way to express your fierce personality! The warm shades of orange hair dye compliment most skin tones, sparkle beautifully in the summer sun and inject some warmth into otherwise chilly winter wardrobes.

Shades of Orange Hair Dye

Follow this easy guide to discover what orange hair dye you should choose.

Shimmering ginger locks are a great way to cover up grays with a natural color. If your work place or school doesn’t allow for bright hair colors, a natural ginger shade is a great way to add a burst of color while still looking formal and smart.

Natural orange shades like carrot orange hair dye can be very beautiful in a subtle way. Furthermore, many of our hair dye brands are vegan friendly, so you can look stunning and do your bit for animal welfare at the same time! You can read more about the different brands offering orange hair dye semi-permanent products below.

Fluorescent and neon orange hair dyes require you to bleach your hair thoroughly before applying, otherwise your natural hair color will stop the orange from being so bright. Semi-permanent neon orange hair is a very bold look that will really turn heads as you walk past… if you’re not ready for that level of commitment yet, try using neon orange for highlights or temporary hair stripes for your next night out.

There are many different shades of orange hair dye, from pale pastel oranges to fiery oranges that verge on red and pink. Orange is a versatile color that you don’t need to be too careful with. Having streaks of slightly darker and lighter orange dye in your hair creates a flame-like appearance and adds further depth to the color.

Temporary orange hair dye is a great option if you’re unsure just how bright you should go with your orange shades. Check out the great hair dye brands mentioned below to find hair chalks and wash-out dyes as well as orange hair dye semi-permanent products.

For high-quality hair dyes, look at what’s available from these brands at DyeMyHair:

La Riche Directions: Apricot and Mandarin are both very bright orange hair colors. Apricot is verging on a sunshine yellow-orange color while Mandarin is a more mature shade with hints of red.

  • Manic Panic: the two shades of orange hair dye from Manic Panic are very similar – why not try using both? Psychedelic Sunset is a brighter, neon shade than Electric Tiger Lily which is more of a classic bright orange dye.
  • Paint Glow: the ultimate natural ginger shade is Paint Glow’s Orange Thunder semi-permanent hair dye. They also have a few temporary orange hair dyes including chalks and paints in neon shades.
  • Stargazer: last on our list of best orange hair dye brands but certainly not least. Stargazer’s Dawn shade of hair dye is a classic orange color that’s neither too dark or too light.

Orange Hair Dye: Semi-Permanent Application Tips

To get a full, bright color that lasts as long as possible, make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • Hair Maintenance: before you dye your hair, use keratin and protein rich hair products in the days or weeks leading up to the day you dye your hair. You need to make sure your hair is strong and in good condition before applying any bleach or dye, whether it’s semi-permanent or temporary orange hair dye.
  • Test Patches: test the bleach and hair dye orange color on your arm 48 hours before you dye your head. Watch carefully to ensure you aren’t allergic and like the color. If you have any side-effects from the dye, head to your nearest hospital for medical attention.
  • Applying Bleach: you should bleach your hair before applying the dye. Even on blonde hair, you can ruin your bright orange hair color by having your natural hair color fade through.
  • Following Instructions: read through the dye instructions on the box and follow them to the letter. If you leave the neon orange hair dye on for longer or shorter than they recommend, you may end up with a different shade than expected.
  • Hair After-Care: you need to do some after care once you’ve applied the hair dye. Orange colors can fade quickly so keep using your keratin and protein-rich products to make your hair strong. Depending on the brand, you can keep your hair looking rich and bright for 6 - 8 weeks.

Follow those tips and you’ll have beautiful orange hair just like the celebs.

How to Style Your Hair Dye: Orange Shades

For stylish inspiration on how to wear your new orange hair, look no further than these 3 style icons.

This alt-rock singer is as famous for her orange hair as she is for being the lead singer of Paramore. Hayley Williams has changed her hair a lot over the years, but we’ll never forget her all-over fiery shades of orange hair dye. Mixing neon orange hair dye with strands of vivid reds, pinks and yellows creates a rock look Hayley would be proud of.

How much better would Twilight have been if Kristen Stewart had kept her orange hair during filming? Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t have improved the film that much…. But you can’t deny that the carrot orange hair dye really suited her style. The simple orange color she used gave her natural brunette hair a warm orange tint. To achieve this you can experiment with using hair dye without applying bleach.

Back in 2010 Nicki Minaj wowed everyone with her dazzling bright orange hair color. She’s always been one step ahead of the crowd! Nicki went for an all-over, flawless color paired with bright make-up and a fashionable white dress: a look you can easily replicate for yourself.

No matter what shade of orange you choose, shine bright with our range of best orange hair dyes available at Dye My Hair.