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Kawaii pastel, the movie ‘Frozen’ and the cool wintery look are ever popular, which is why we can’t get enough of light blue hair dye and think you will love it too. Your favorite stylist (or you) will be able to take our pastel blue hair dye and transform your hair into a marvellous unicorn or mermaid look, anytime you want. With so many hair coloring options at Dye My Hair, you’ll be changing your look every few weeks! So take a peek at some of our hottest selections and let us know which ones you love.

These are just a few of our trendy shades that will transform you into an ice queen or king. You can also use them to achieve some of the hottest looks such as our customer favorite, black hair with blue tips. If black hair isn’t your thing, Sky Blue Hair Dye also looks exceptional on blondes with attitude. Crazy blue hairstyles are ideal for everyday wear, photoshoots, Halloween parties (think Sailor Moon, trolls, Smurfs, etc.), cosplay events (Dragon Ball Z characters, Evie from the descendants, etc.) and any other occasion you could possibly think of.

Ombre styles also work well with Light Blue Color Hair Dye. You could search our expansive selection of blues and utilize something like pastel blue hair dye on the top of the hair and a darker blue on the bottom to create the ultimate ombre designs! Mix and match your favorite hues of blue and you’re sure to be a show stopper.

Any of these fabulous blue dyed looks can be achieved with one or multiple of our top-quality brand dyes that are sure to impress any stylist. Here at Dye My Hair we carry reputable brands like Crazy Color, Splat, Stargazer, Paintglow, Manic Panic, La Riche Directions and Herman’s Amazing. Not only do we carry top brands, but we ensure competitive pricing too. Why? Because we want you to have the best hair-do for less. So go ahead, pick your favorite and get your hair dye blue today. You are not going to regret it and if you decide to change your color we have plenty more shades for you to choose from when you return to Dye My Hair.

Hair Dye Accessories to Help Achieve Blue Hair

Hair care accessories are useful to have on hand. For example, utilizing latex gloves will protect your hands and well-manicured nails from the staining of a quality hair dye. You might also consider using a dye bowl to mix your favorite Sky Blue Crazy Color. The dye bowl will allow you to remove the lumps and clumps from the dye as you mix it, which is a must if you want to achieve the perfect smooth and even color. A mixing bowl dedicated to hair dye also keeps you from ruining your favorite kitchenware.

Our next favorite accessory is a hair dye brush. A dye brush of this professional quality will allow you to apply your dye exactly how and where you want it. Whether you want thin highlights, thick colorful strands or an entire head of Bright Blue Hair Dye, you can do it with a professional brush. No more struggling to apply it with your gloved hands. With a tinting brush you can apply it with care and achieve color, right to the roots.

Before dyeing your hair, you will also want to check how the dye will attach to your current color. If you have a super dark color and are trying to achieve a lighter look, you might consider purchasing one of our bleach and toner kits to use as needed. If you need help deciding on this, consult with a professional or read our handy guides. After you have all of your favorite must-have accessories on hand, let the dyeing process begin.

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Icy Blue Hair

Icy blue hair is just like any other dye, it needs to be properly maintained. For advice, you could ask your favorite hair care professional about what products they recommend or check out our guides and blogs for more information. We think color preserving shampoo, conditioners and serums are the best way to keep your hair color looking fresh and bright. These products offer the perfect recipe for holding hair dye by removing harsh chemicals that may strip the color.

There are other tips and tricks to preventing fading. We usually suggest that you wait 2-3 days after dyeing your hair to wash it. The reason behind this recommendation is this waiting period allows your dye to set in while minimizing color bleeding. Other important tips include avoiding using heated gadgets such as blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Heat often harms hair, simply allow it to dry on its own and your lovely locks will be healthy as can be.

Lastly, always purchase hair dye of any color from a well-known source, like Dye My Hair. It is imperative that you do because these sources always provide a range of PPD free hair dyes, natural dyes and every shade that you could possibly imagine. We pride ourselves on offering top notch hair products and accessories to you, so join in the craze and get light blue hair dye.