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Luxurious emeralds are one of the most popular precious stones in the world. Their luster, shine and deep color is admired and loved. When it comes to dyeing your hair emerald green, it’s important to use the emerald green hair dye and the proper methods to ensure your hair does the gemstone proud!

As with any hair dye, there are a few styles you can try. Here is our quick guide to the most popular styles to try at home.

Tinted emerald hair color. If you have naturally dark hair, you can choose to forgo the bleach and dye straight away with the emerald hair dye. The result will be a subtle emerald green tint over your natural color that will really come out in the sunlight.

Dip dye emerald green hair. Dip dyeing the ends of your hair has a couple advantages: firstly, it gives you the chance to try out a new color without committing entirely to it. Secondly, you can create an ombre effect using bleach and different shades of light and dark emerald green hair dye.

All over semi permanent green hair dye. Go bold by dyeing your hair a vibrant shade of emerald. The key to getting a long lasting, bright color is bleach and good hair care practices. Scroll to the bottom of this guide to find more details!

Emerald green hair color is surprisingly versatile. Just look at how these 3 very different celebrities have styled the emerald look.

Demi Lovato has had both long green hairstyles and cropped, bob style hair with dark emerald green hair dye. Her colors are usually bright without being fluorescent. We loved the blue-green shade she tried when she had long hair. To recreate a bluish, emerald green color like Demi, try using Deep Emerald from Splat or Pine Green from Crazy Color. These colors also look particularly good for dip-dye styles.

Azealia Banks has gone for the tinted emerald green hair look in the past. She dyed her super long, thick wavy hair with deep emerald dye. She styles it with sleek waves and a simple black outfit. If you have naturally very dark hair you can achieve the same by using a very vibrant green hair dye and bleaching your hair. Try using Alpine Green from La Riche Directions or Green Envy from Manic Panic.

Kylie Jenner usually favors pretty pastel shades in her hair. We remember seeing her long hair in pastel green for the first time but Kylie’s had darker shades in the past too. Back when her hair was shoulder length, Kylie stepped out in a beautiful emerald hair color, similar to a deep forest green shade. To replicate Kylie’s look, use semi permanent green hair dye like La Riche Directions Apple Green shade, bleaching your hair thoroughly first.

Remember, dyeing your hair is about expressing your inner personality. Don’t worry if your hair doesn’t look like the celebrity styles, just be yourself!

Best Dark Green Hair Dye

The following tones are great shades for you to try. Pick out your favorites then read our Essential Green Hair Dye Directions for tips on how to apply them.

Green Envy: This is a vibrant shade, a mid green that looks like forest with a hint of turquoise. It’s great for an all-over color although if you’re looking for a shade with more depth try the following two green hair dye Manic Panic shades.

Enchanted Forest: This shade is very green, a little darker than natural emerald stones and with a great depth to it.

Venus Envy: This shade is very similar to enchanted forest, except it’s been toned down a little. It’s verging on pastel!

Emerald Green: This hair dye makes for a very glossy, deep color. Use this for all-over coverage or as the darkest shade in an ombre hair-do.

Pine Green: This green color is verging on blue. It’s lush and cool. To get a really vibrant color from this dye you will definitely need to bleach your hair beforehand.

Apple Green: A very fresh emerald green color, a little lighter than Crazy Color’s statement Emerald Green shade. We love this color!

Alpine Green: Imagine Pine Green from Crazy Color combined with Apple Green from La Riche Directions and you have got Alpine Green. This is the perfect shade for those who want a classic emerald color with just a hint of blue to make it cooler.

Deep Emerald: This edgy shade is on the same lines as Pine Green and Alpine Green, although it is far brighter. It’s almost electric in its vibrancy!

Essential Green Hair Dye Directions

These easy to follow directions will make sure you’re getting the most from your emerald green hair dye.

Hair Care: Keep your hair strong and healthy using products specifically designed to care for colored hair. Use color preserving shampoo and make sure to use plenty of conditioner before you dye your hair. Bleach and hair dye can dry out and weaken your hair.

Dye Application: After you’ve passed the patch test, start applying the hair dye according to packet instructions – get a friend to help so you can reach every strand at the back of your head. Don’t leave the dye on for longer than necessary or you could damage your hair.

You can find all the shades of dye mentioned (and the tools needed to bleach/apply dye) at Dye My Hair. Order now and you will be on your way to your dream emerald green hair.