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Bored to death of your current hair color? Looking for a bit of a change up? Then you need to check out Herman’s Amazing Hair Color, one of the finest hair dye producers around. Their products are bursting with benefits, making them an ideal choice for first-time dyers and colored hair veterans alike, so whether you’re after a deep blue, a ruby red or even a granny gray, make sure to check out Herman’s awesome range of products.

Dye My Hair is one of the top Herman's Hair Dye UK retailers, meaning there's no better place to shop for this awesome brand. So if you're ready to take the plunge and get the bright and beautiful hair color you've always dreamed of, read on.

Herman's Amazing Direct Hair Color Review

We stock a wide range of Herman's Hair Dye colors, each shade equally as incredible as the last. However, we do have to admit we have some favourites. Here's a small sampling of what this awesome brand has to offer:

  • Herman's Amazing Patsy Purple - Looking for a shade of purple that just oozes with personality? Then we've got a perfect choice. Whether you've always been a purple person at heart or just want a hair color with a bit of attitude to it, Pasty Purple is a fantastic choice.
  • Marge Blue - With a name inspired by one of the most well-known blue gals around, you know that this is one hair dye that's going to be a success. If you want a hair color that's guaranteed to really turn some heads, then, well, this is the perfect option.
  • Herman's Amazing Rosie Gold – This fun peachy color is inspired by the rose gold craze. If you would like a hint of orange but aren’t ready for a full head of neon hair then this is a slightly subtler alternative.
  • Gilda Granny Gray - If you want to put to bed the much too prevalent idea that gray is a 'dull' and 'boring' hair color, then we suggest you pick up this sumptuous shade. Gilda Granny Gray is definitely a hair color worth dyeing for.

As we said, the choice of colors is almost endless. There’s also Tammy Turquoise, Mathilda Granny Gray and Bella Blue, just to mention a few. If you’re bored of your plain brown, blonde or black hair, why not give one of Herman’s professional dyes a go?

Why Choose Herman’s Amazing Hair Color UK?

We could talk for hours on end about the reasons that we love Herman’s hair dye UK but we'll try to keep things brief for your sake, only touching on the biggest and best reasons for giving this fantastic brand a go. Read on below to see why we think that Herman's is top of the game when it comes to hair dye:

  1. Long Lasting. When you pick up a semi-permanent hair dye, you want it to last you a little while, right? Well, luckily Herman's hair dyes are able to last up to 12 washes, meaning that you can enjoy your lusciously colored locks for plenty of time. Also, these dyes can color your hair in as little as 15 minutes as long as you follow Herman’s hair color instructions? So you can get your hair color quickly too.
  2. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free. With Herman's dyes, you can feel safe in the knowledge that no animals were harmed.
  3. Ammonia Free. Another thing these products are free from is ammonia, which means you also don't have to worry about your hair getting damaged. Keeping your hair healthy is incredibly important and Herman's helps you do that.
  4. Re-sealable Tubs. This may seem like a pretty small point, but trust us when we say it's a great feature. Now there's never any need to throw away any unused hair dye, with leftovers lasting up to 12 months. This is the perfect solution to keeping your roots and color topped up and looking fresh.

Another thing we believe is worth noting about Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Color is the brand’s awesome bleach kits. The 30 Vol. Bleach Kit will help make sure that your new hair color comes out bold, removing any natural shades that might affect your new color. Don’t just take our word for it; check out the Herman’s Amazing Hair Color reviews.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re eager to shake up your hair color and create a new look, you need to try Herman’s Amazing Hair Color at least once. They'll give you bold color like you’ve never seen before, keeping you and your hair looking vibrant and healthy. Get creative and get yourself a totally awesome new hair color today!