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  • Ultra Violet

    Are you looking for a striking new hair color? Seeking something that’ll wow even after the lights go out? If so, then Ultra Violet hair dye is the one for you! Boasting vibrant and bold tones, our extensive range of UV hair dye is sure to get jaws dropping wherever you go!

    The search is over for that show-stopping hair color! With the help of our extensive range of UV reactive dye, there’ll be no stopping your style as it soars with intensity. Perfect for those looking to stun both in the day and after dark, our range of richly pigmented and highly luminous dyes are enough to get all heads turning your way!

    Shine Bright With Ultraviolet!

    Unleash your inner party animal with the help of Ultraviolet hair dye! Wherever you go, ensure your look stands out with some brightly colored hair dye! Whether you’re a lover of blue, green, or pink tones, or just love to experiment with color, UV hair dye is the perfect choice! Ensuring your look stays vibrant even when the lights go down, our selection of highly reactive dyes are perfect for festivals, raves and even for fancy dress occasions! Growing in popularity, neon colored hair has been modelled by the likes of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and of course, Hayley Williams! Don’t let your natural shade hold you back, switch up your style today with the help of Ultraviolet hair dye!

    Designed to glow bright when exposed to UV lighting, such as black lights, UV hair dye is a fun and effective way to totally transform your look in an instant. Why settle for just one shade when you can transform your look in an instant with Ultra Violet hair dye! Translating from Latin’s ‘ultra’ to mean ‘beyond violet’, Ultraviolet is known to have a higher frequency than violet light – the highest frequency of visible light. So, next time you’re partying hard at a multi-colored, luminous and glow in the dark rave, you can thank Johann Wilhelm Ritter for his wonderful discovery!

    Getting the Ultra-Experience with Ultraviolet

    Whatever your natural shade, achieving that UV look has never been easier! As with many other dyeing processes, those with darker shades of hair may need to lighten their hair before applying lighter neon shades of UV hair dye. For those with highly dark colored hair, we recommend that you pre-lighten your hair to a shade of either 9 or 10. In doing so, this will ensure that your natural hair color will not interfere with the color that you are choosing to apply. As neon, UV dyes, are known for their vivid and eye-catching color, we also recommend lightening your hair as much as possible during the bleaching process, allowing for the true potential of your chosen dye to shine through!

    Whether you’re new to the dyeing process or are a seasoned veteran in the hair dye field, we’ve got a few handy top-tips to ensure the dyeing process runs as smoothly and as effectively as possible!

    1. We recommend that you perform a patch test of your hair dye at least 48 hours before doing a full dye; this will aid you in making sure you are entirely happy with the shade before you go ahead and take the full-color plunge.
    2. Make sure you understand all the instructions on your hair dye packaging and those included in your provided hair dye guide before you start applying the dye. This’ll help answer any questions further down the line.
    3. On the run up to dyeing or bleaching your hair, we recommend that you try to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Your hair may be weakened during either of these processes so it’s best to keep your hair strong and healthy!
    4. Make sure you have enough dye to fulfil the job; we don’t want you to get halfway and not have enough to finish!
    5. Always ask for advice where possible! Double check guides, ask friends or take advice from your hairdresser or stylist. Dyeing hair can sometimes be very permanent, so make sure you are fully prepared for the process before getting underway.

    The best thing about opting for UV hair dye is that you really are investing in two styles for the price of one! Boasting extremely funky and eye-catching neon pigmentations during the day and transforming your look in the blink of an eye after dark, our extensive range of Ultraviolet hair dye is perfect for any occasion. Here at Dye My Hair we offer our customers some of the best ultraviolet hair dye from big name brands such as:

    • Manic Panic
    • Crazy Color
    • La Riche Directions
    • Paintglow
    • Splat
    • Stargazer

    Not only offering a range of temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes, here at Dye My Hair we also take pride in offering our customers a range of Ultraviolet Cream Formulas and Styling Gels. Offering a number of products that are easily applied and wash out in a single rinse; whatever your budget, style, or interests, we’ve got the perfect UV colored hair dye for you! With tones such as Electric Lizard, Electric Lava and Hot Hot Pink, we’ve got the exact color you’ve been dreaming of. 

    For those seeking a fast and effective way to switch up their style, why not add a little color to your look with our selection of UV Hair Streak applicators! Perfect for on the go touch-ups and those last minute night owl plans; Dye My Hair has your back!

    Are you still a little unsure of whether or not to take the Ultraviolet hair dye plunge? If so, then why not check out our Pinterest boards! Filled with a number of style inspirations and explorations, there’ll be no stopping you are your freshly dyed UV reactive hair!

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Unleash your inner party animal with some wild ultraviolet hair dye. By day you’ll be sporting a bright and funky color, but by night, your locks will literally be glowing with alternative style! However, if you’re also in the market for a one-off night out party accessory, we have plenty of hair gels and chalks to cater for your temporary hairs...

Unleash your inner party animal with some wild ultraviolet hair dye. By day you’ll be sporting a bright and funky color, but by night, your locks will literally be glowing with alternative style! However, if you’re also in the market for a one-off night out party accessory, we have plenty of hair gels and chalks to cater for your temporary hairstyle needs.

All our ultraviolet hair dyes are reactive under UV and blacklight so you’ll be able to completely switch up your daily hairstyle to an outrageously awesome glowing ’do. This makes Manic Panic ultraviolet on bleached hair the perfect party look. With our expansive range of glowing hair dyes, it has never been easier to get a glowing hair color.

Manic Panic Ultraviolet Amplified Hair Dyes

Both the iconic Manic Panic High Voltage and Amplified Ranges include daring UV colors and shades. Here at Dye My Hair, we have plenty of semi-permanent UV dyes which are certain to give you an awesome radiant finish. The High Voltage range of colors offers vibrant and stronger shades such as ultraviolet red hair dye, whilst the Amplified range can last for up to 8 weeks for a longer style change. The Manic Panic ultraviolet faded look is also super stylish. These longer-lasting dyes are certainly for the seasoned partygoer or festival fanatic. When you pick Manic Panic UV hair dyes, you can choose from bold colors such as ultraviolet purple hair color, yellow or orange. 

Sporting brilliant hues such as these, you’re sure to be the centre of attention wherever you go! If you’re after a fun new UV hair dye then some dashes of Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy Cane and Pretty Flamingo are the certain ways release your inner rock chick.

Manic Panic always caters for all and if you don’t believe us check out Manic Panic Ultra Violet review. The Manic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel range features electric bright colors such as Flamingo, Lava and Banana. These gels are the perfect one night only products. It’s simple to apply and even simpler to wash out, so it truly is easy and hassle-free.

Stargazer Ultraviolet Hair

Much like Manic Panic, our Stargazer UV range offers options for both temporary and more permanent colors. The exciting range of Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is perfect for those wanting to get the alternative look for longer. This jazzy collection of ultraviolet colors can last up to 6 weeks from one application. If you choose Stargazer dyes, you can choose from a variety of vibrant colors.

As well as looking awesome, these products are less damaging to your hair. The dye is peroxide and ammonia free, so your hair will be kept strong and healthy while you prepare to dance the night away with ultra violet hair.

For a temporary option, the Stargazer UV Hair Gel is simple to use and apply. If you’re planning a last-minute party or heading out for a rave then this is a totally temporary way round achieving that luminous look. Paired with glow sticks and luminous clothing you’re certain to look the part! Get the ultra violet without bleaching look and save the hassle of lightening your tresses. There are five awesome Stargazer colors to choose from, the only question that remains is which shade are you going to try out first?

Paintglow Temporary UV Gels and Chalks

Our range of Paintglow products is perfect for those of your searching for a temporary hair color fix. If you’re preparing for a night out clubbing, or a one-off fancy dress party these UV hair products are the perfect costume accessory or add-on that you can use to stand out from the crowd. Complete any Halloween, fancy dress or Cosplay outfit with a dash of hair color.

  • Paintglow UV Hair Streaks - there are plenty of different colors available in the Paintglow UV Hair Streaks range. This temporary hair gel can simply be applied to the hair with the wand applicator so you can use as little or as much as you like! The mascara-style hair colorer adds simple neon streaks that will easily wash out with a standard shampoo.
  • Paintglow UV Hair Chalk – this simple neon hair chalk is the ideal way to add a whole new dimension to your favourite going-out look. Simply apply by rubbing into dampened hair, the chalk allows for a hassle-free yet highly effective way of achieving an ultraviolet hair color. Easy to wash out, it’s a product you can blend with others to create your own unique style.

Embracing some alternative neon shades should be fun and expressive, so here are a few handy tips to make sure your UV experience all goes smoothly!

  1. Plan Your Color – If you have a dark natural color, make sure you research how well every color and duration is likely to show up on your hair. Some hair products need hair to be pre-lightened and we don’t want any party plans hampered by a dye that doesn’t show up!
  2. Always Have Extra – You don’t want to run out of UV goodness before you’ve managed to cover your whole head. Have plenty of dye/chalk/gel at the ready to make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Never Play It Safe – Embrace the true alternative vibes of UV hair. Mix, match and find a style that is totally unique to you!

We think you are ready to embrace ultraviolet hair dye. Here at Dye My Hair, we think the brighter and more unique your style the better! Dare to be different next time you want to change your hairstyle and enjoy a new glowing hairdo.