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If you’re looking for a funky new way to spruce up your look, then our extensive range of Single Set Hair Dyes are the perfect option for you! Allowing you to create those styles you’ve always dreamt of, here at Dye My Hair we pride ourselves on offering you an extensive range of hair products than are guaranteed to meet your every dyeing need!

Stocking big name brands such as Crazy Color, Manic Panic, La Riche and Stargazer, you surely will be spoilt for choice when you browse our rambunctious range! Whether you’re after bright, bold or bubbly tones, we’ve got the exact shade for you! And what’s better, if you can’t find your exact hue then we even stock the material for you to whip up your own! What more could you ask for?!

Style Exploration with Single Sets

Whether you’re after a style that reflects your personality or are looking to showcase something a little different, our extensive range of Single Packs is the perfect answer! Ideal for full head coverage, dip dye processes and even for creating that wicked rainbow effect, our vibrant and diverse range of Individual Dye Packs is sure to become your next BFF!

Offering a number of benefits, Single Packs are the ideal choice for switching up your style in an instant! Enabling you the freedom to explore color and style whenever and as frequently as you desire, there’ll be no stopping you!
From natural shades to those of a more quirky, alternative hue, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect color to suit! If you’re seeking to switch shades to a more natural effect, then why not check out some of these highly popular, richly colored Single Pack in tones such as:

  • Tangerine
  • Dark Tulip
  • Flame Red
  • Raven
  • Ebony Black
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Vermillion Red

However, if you’re feeling a little more daring and adventurous, why not check out our striking selection of alternative colors! From White to UV, you can say goodbye to those drab and boring tones! Whatever your color preference, Dye My Hair is here to point you in the right direction! If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not check out some of our most popular, vibrant shades we have to offer:

  • Blue: Capri, Jade, Sky, Neon, Lagoon, Bubble-gum, Midnight
  • Green: Lime Twist, Emerald, Pine, Alpine, Apple, Envy, Atomic Turquoise
  • Pink: Candy Floss, Marshmallow, Pinkissimo, Carnation, Cerise
  • Red: Burgundy, Coral, Ruby Rouge, Pillar-box, New Rose, Rock ‘N’ Roll

But your style exploration doesn’t end there! Single Packs are also a wicked choice for those looking to add a little UV vibrancy to their look! Ideal for fancy dress occasions, parties and even festivals, our extensive range of Ultra Violet hair dyes are sure to keep your style burning into the early hours of the morning! Offering you two styles for the price of one, Ultra Violet is the way forward!

Styling out Single Sets

The possibilities really are endless with the help of our extensive collection of Solitary Pack hair dyes! Whether you’re looking to create a show stopping rainbow effect or are simply looking to add some highlights to your existing ‘do’, individual packs are the perfect fashion must have! Ideal for dabbling in different colors, single packs are the perfect go-to for creating those wicked slice, balayage and ombre styles!

Working wonders for those that are looking to create a show-stopping rainbow effect, here are some top tips on creating that flawlessly colorful look:

  • Preparation: Preparation is a must when it comes to constructing that perfect rainbow look! Whether it’s cutting your hair before-hand or bleaching, it’s key to make sure you’re all set before you take the multi-colored plunge!

  • Enlisting Help: The more hands the better! Dyeing your hair can be difficult at the best of times, and that’s no different for Rainbow dye! Reaching those tricky places is a whole lot easier with the help from someone else, so make sure you enlist a faithful friend to help your look blossom!

  • Heat Appliances: Here at Dye My Hair we recommend that you avoid, or limit your use; of heat appliances as such tools can weaken and speed up the fading process of your hair. Similarly, this applies to exposure to direct sunlight. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all those funky colors!

  • Conditioning and General Care: Applying to any post-dye procedure, here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend that you take great care of your hair after any dyeing/bleaching procedure. Helping battle away any signs of brittleness, caring for your hair is super important for maintaining its wicked sheen!

So, if you’re looking to showcase a quirky new style then our colorful ranges of Single Packs are here to lend a helping hand! If you’re still stumped on which color path to take, then why not check out our Pinterest Boards! Full of style and color inspiration, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match with Dye My Hair!