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If you’re looking for a hair color with some real wow factor to it, you should definitely check out turquoise hair dye! With Dye My Hair stocking an extensive range of semi-permanent turquoise hair colors, you’re certain to find a shade that suits you!

If you’ve stuck with your natural hair color all your life getting a new color can seem like a pretty big change. However, there are plenty of pluses for changing your hairstyle. Turquoise hair color can completely transform your look and is sure to look unique thanks to its blend of blue and green.Whether you’re after teal or bright blue, the look of a punk princess or a mystical mermaid, we’re certain to be able to help. Turquoise is the way to go if you’re bored of natural colors!

From Temporary Teal To Bright Aqua Blue

Turquoise is a color that simply speaks charm and fun. It is a popular choice for those seeking the mermaid hair look because it looks just like the color of the sea. How cool is that? If you want your hair to look as bright and flowing as the ocean, then turquoise is a superb hair color to choose. This gorgeous color evokes images of mystical creatures and fantasy lands.

Loads of celebrities are similarly mad for turquoise. The amount of big names that have turquoise hair dye permanent is proof that this color is a must. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jade Thirwall, Kesha, Demi Lovato and Joey King have all been snapped sporting turquoise hair dye. There’s just something about turquoise that you can’t get with any other color; it has a shimmering quality that can’t be matched!

The increase in popularity of turquoise as a hair color over the past few years just proves that more people are enjoying this fabulous shade. Get yourself a green-y blue look now and get ready to impress your friends with your best turquoise hair dye. They’ll all be dyeing to get a look as good as yours!

Best Long Lasting Turquoise Hair Dye

If you’re ready to take the plunge in getting a head of turquoise hair, then you should definitely read our top tips below, especially if you are looking for turquoise hair dye for dark hair. The more prepared you are when it comes to dyeing your hair, the better the outcome is sure to be!

  1. Always bleach your hair first – especially if your natural hair color is darker! We can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you apply dye to natural hair color without bleaching then the turquoise will mix with your natural hair pigments and won’t come through as vibrantly.
  2. Though our hair dye products last for a long time – some up to eight weeks – it’s important to remember that they’re temporary. However, there are a number of ways you can extend the life of your turquoise hair. Avoid applying too much heat to your hair, try and wash your hair less frequently and with colder water, be aware that sunlight may fade your color faster.
  3. Before diving headfirst into dyeing your hair, it’s always worth doing a patch test first. It will help you to make sure that you’ve picked the right hair color for you. There’s nothing worse than dyeing your hair and realising the color you choose wasn’t really the one you wanted.
  4. Take a look at some of the different styles you can achieve with hair dye before you go for full dye! As awesome as a full head of turquoise hair is, we definitely recommend checking out some other styles such as ombre and turquoise hair dip dye. With an ombre effect, you can include several different tones meaning the results may appear fuller and more vibrant. If you want to keep a hint of your natural color then a dip dye effect is sure to be perfect for you.

So if you’re itching to give turquoise hair a go, you just need to take a look at Dye My Hair’s extensive range of shades. There are many shades of turquoise out there to try. Out of the many shades we stock, there are

  • Atomic Turquoise
  • Mermaid
  • Turquoise Reef
  • Siren’s Song
  • Thelma Turquoise

We also stock a number of awesome brands, ensuring that your turquoise hair color is of the highest quality. Crazy Color, La Riche Directions, Stargazer, Splat, Paintglow and Manic Panic turquoise shades are all bright and vibrant. Choose the brand that is best suited to your hair and enjoy browsing Dye My Hair.

So what are you waiting for? Dive head first into our fantastic selection of turquoise hair dye and get a gorgeous head of mermaid hair! If you need a little extra inspiration you can always check out our social media channels or blog posts. We regularly post style inspiration, brand information and awesome pictures to help make your decision easier!