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Are you looking to achieve that salon quality finish from home? Have you always longed to rock the sophisticated and stylish tones of gray hair dye? If so, then now’s the perfect time to switch up your style in a funky and alternative manner!

Say goodbye to those boring, dull tones and embrace the classic color of gray hair dye! Boasting a silky and smooth finish, our extensive range of gray hair dye is sure to leave everyone complimenting your style wherever you go! Silver doesn’t just come with age, there’s never been a better time than now to achieve those luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of!

Get The Best Gray Hair Dye

Achieving the best silver hair dye color has never been easier than with Dye My Hair! Whatever tone or hue you’re after, you’re sure to find the perfect dye to match. Boasting popularity with celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Zayn Malik, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace this funky tone! Proving popular for gray hair dye men or women, this is a style everyone can enjoy. Adding that special something to your style, gray will automatically give your style that sharp, edgy and punky finish you’ve been searching for. Although gray hairs are meant to be a sign of stress, you can rest assured that dyeing your hair a silvery gray hue is far from stressful! An ideal shade for those seeking something a little different, a switch to this metallic tone is enough to get heads turning in your direction!

Although known to be an achromatic color, choosing gray hair dye is sure to make your style stand out! With its shimmering finish, your style will no doubt benefit from the uplifting tones! With a wide selection of temporary and semi-permanent dyes available here at Dye My Hair, there’s no reason why your style should be stuck in second gear! Fast track along the grayscale and liven up your look today with gray hair dye UK!

How To Get Gray Hair At Home

Whether you’re new to the dyeing process or are a hair dye veteran, there’s never been a better time than now to embrace your new semi-permanent silver hair dye! Regardless of your natural hair color, dyeing your hair has never been easier. As is common when dyeing darker shades of hair, it’s often suggested that a pre-lightening solution is used to ensure that your new shade stays as vibrant as possible, especially if you are using gray hair dye for black hair! This bleaching process may need to be repeated a number of times depending on the hue of your natural hair, purely to ensure that the ‘blank canvas stage’ is suitable enough to soak up all those wicked and vivid new gray tones!

We recommend that you aim to get your luscious locks to a lightness shade of 9-10. Similar to tones such as white, it’s highly recommended that you bleach your hair to as light a shade as possible. This will ensure that you’re not disappointed with the outcome and that your newly dyed style can stay rocking its vibrancy for longer! You could also add some silver hair toner to ensure you don’t get any unwanted tones peeking through your new color.

From shampoo types to hair maintenance, here at Dye My Hair we know how important the small things are when it comes to maintaining your newly dyed locks! We’ve compiled some top tips to help you ensure your newly dyed Silver Gray locks stay shimmering for longer.

  1. Always make sure you perform a patch test of your hair dye. Typically performed at least 48 hours before going for full coverage, this process will help you figure out how the outcome will look and whether the dye is suitable for your existing shade. Remember all gray hair dye brands will be different.
  2. Make sure you understand all the instructions provided before you take the plunge! By reading the supplied instructions you’ll be able to answer all those pressing Q and A’s before you dive into the dyeing!
  3. Before you reach for the dye, we highly recommend that you maintain the condition of your hair to the best possible degree. From brushing to styling, it’s important that your hair is in tip-top condition before you start the bleach/dyeing process. Similarly, if you’re thinking of totally changing your look, with a new haircut as well as tone, we highly recommend that you tackle the chop beforehand. This’ll ensure your style is all ready to go before the dyeing stage.
  4. Always have more dye than is needed! Trust us, there’s really nothing worse than getting halfway through a dye job and running out of dye! Always be prepared!
  5. Always ask for advice where possible! Double check guides, ask friends or take advice from your hairdresser or stylist. Depending on the product you use the results could be permanent, so make sure you are fully prepared for the process before getting underway.

With a wide range of big name brands to choose from, including La Riche Directions and Crazy Color, there’s sure to be a stylish shade to match your needs from Dye My Hair! Kiss goodbye to those boring hues, it’s time to embrace the Silver sensation and treat your style to a show-stopping makeover today! Find your favourite shade from dark gray hair dye to light silver.

With an extensive range of silver hair dye suggestions, you’ll be switching up your shade faster than you can say ‘Dye My Hair’!