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So, you want to dye your hair blue? Blue dye for hair is perfect for those of us who want to inject some serious color into our lives and those of everyone we meet. Blue hair screams confidence and originality. It works brilliantly for those who love to make strong style statements but if you’re not a big statement kind of person, blue can still work for you. It’s a huge, highly versatile spectrum, taking in everything from understated navy to pale pastel. Whatever your personality and your style, there’s sure to be a blue hair color that you’ll love.

Think About Your Skin Tone

When you understand your skin tone, you can use that knowledge to get blue hair color ideas. Even if you want to create a bold, striking look, it’s a good idea to think about what will work best with your skin. Striking is good, but a complete clash will make you look washed-out. To find out your skin tone, you need to be able to look at undertones. For most people, their skin either has warm or cool undertones, and they should choose a shade of blue that matches.

Some people have neutral skin, where they have a mix of tones. They can take their pick of the dyes.

Warm skin has yellowish or honey-colored undertones, while cool skin will appear pinkish or blue. This applies whether your skin is dark or light, as you’re not looking at the actual color. You’re looking for the glow. If you’re not sure whether you’re warm or cool, try holding your arm under sun light and look at your veins. If you have clearly blue veins then you have a cooler skin tone, otherwise you might have green veins which would mean you have a warm skin tone.

If you have warm skin, look for deep, purplish blues and warm indigos. If you have cool skin, you have more choice. Electric blues, aquas, pastels and silvery shades will all look great on you. Of course, this is just a guide and if you want to flaunt a different color, the difference shouldn’t be too dramatic.

Consider Your Existing Hair

What color is your natural hair? If you have blonde hair, you’ll probably find that you can dye it blue without bleaching first and still come out with a really strong, vibrant color. But if you’re blonde, your regrowth will stand out against bright shades and you’ll need to be willing to do regular touch ups to keep your color fresh.

If you need blue hair dye for dark hair, bleach is a must if you want a bright color, but your roots aren’t likely to be as obvious, so you won’t have to do touch ups too often. If you’re not so bothered about a bright color, you can use dark blue dyes on your dark hair for a fantastic, subtle but still gorgeous color wash effect.

Also think about the style that you prefer to keep your hair and whether your preferred dye will match it. If you have long hair, you could think about a blue ombre effect, where you dye your hair progressively darker or paler shades. A blue hair short style often suits a super-bright dye, especially if you have a fringe too. And wavy hair works brilliantly with paler blue shades for a different take on the beach babe look.

Match Your Dye to Your Style

You can’t do a lot about your skin tone or hair color, but you can make sure your blue hair color styles match your fashion sense. While blue is usually thought of as an ‘alternative’ color, you don’t necessarily have to wear alternative style clothes just because you have blue hair.

If you need to create an understated, professional look for work, then darker, more sober blues will usually work well. If you tend to wear lots of black and white a bright electric blue can look really stunning. It can also work really well with strong prints, as long as you have a good eye for combining color. A fuschia colored dress, for example, looks amazing with bright blue hair. Don’t think that you have to tone it down just because your hair is bright. Bright hair often looks great combined with bright colors.

If you’re into the vintage look, then a pastel blue or indigo hair dye can both look fantastic with cute vintage prints and they won’t overpower. In general though, bright hair looks best either with bright clothes and statement styles, while more subdued blues suit those with a more understated style.

Temporary or Permanent?

Do you want to take a plunge into an electric blue hair dye permanent look, or aren’t you quite ready for that? You don’t have to be totally sure just yet. It’s easy to experiment with blue hair dye, even if you don’t want to go through the permanent bleach and dye process.

The easiest blue hair dye temporary effects are achieved with products that you can use just for a night out, and then wash out the next day, such as chalks and gels. You can try out your new hair color for a few hours with minimal effort. Some of these products glow in UV light, so you’ll look amazing on the dancefloor!

If you’re looking for a calm medium where you can live with the color for a few weeks to get used to the look then semi-permanent hair dye is for you. After a maximum of two months, your chosen hair color will start to fade. Because this only lasts for a short while, you have the freedom to go as bright as you like without worry. If you love it, you might find you end up dyeing your hair every few months to keep the color, or try out other shades of blue.

If you’re sure you want to go blue, then take your pick from our fantastic range of blue hair dye permanent uk dyes.

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