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At first you probably thought buying black hair dye permanent or semi-permanent would be simple, but there’s actually so much choice it’s difficult to find the best black dye for hair; unless you know where to look!

In this guide we’re going to cover the best black dye for hair, natural black hair dye from the past and some great inspiration from celebrity black hair styles. By the end you’ll know exactly what black dye you want and how to get it.

Natural Black Hair Dye

Modern black hair dye permanent colors are actually very nutritious for your hair, some like the La Riche Directions black dyes are conditioning and designed for damaged hair. You really don’t need to worry about black hair color without chemicals. The black dye from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent hair color is ammonia free and vegan friendly, for example.

There’s also a lot of choice when it comes to different hair dye colors that you just can’t get with natural black hair dye. You can go for a jet black color or more adventurous with hints of dark blue, purples or even greys! Ombre styles are very beautiful and work just as nicely with dark colors as pastel shades.

Our hair dyes are also very long-lasting. Natural Black dye from Crazy Color lasts for up to 8 washes – check out the tips for dying hair black at the end of this guide to find out how to keep the black dye color for even longer.

Brown to Black Hair Before and After

Brown hair is absolutely gorgeous but sometimes going a step darker can really do wonders for your appearance. Eyes pop, skin brightens, and a sleek curtain of jet black hair never fails to attract attention… and jealousy! Here are 3 celebrities who we admire for going from brown to black hair before and afterwards back to brown again.

Megan Fox, the stunning actress went from brown to black hair before and after starring in various films. We love her dark black hair! She kept her signature, long hair in the same style as always, dying it shiny with black dye. The style suited her tan skin and foxy fashion sense. For a similar color, take a look at Jet Black dye from Splat.

Jessie J is naturally dirty blonde/brunette. Who knew?! But her signature look is pure black hair. She’s gone from dark brown to black hair before and after trying various bright colors and even shaving all her hair off for charity. Her full fringe and long hair is easy to wear with any fashion style. Try Raven from Manic Panic for a glossy, full color that’s great to mix with other, bright shades in dip dye style. Fluorescent yellow and pinks contrast well with black.

Lily Allen has only really had 2 hair colors – brown and black. She’s gone from brown to black hair before and after her singing career in a variety of different styles. The dark black dye really makes her pale skin glow and contrasts beautifully with her usual colorful wardrobe. Lily proves that black hair isn’t just for goths. Take a look at Ebony Black from La Riche Directions for a soft, conditioning dye in a similar black color.

How to Dye Hair Black at Home

Learning how to dye hair black at home is as simple as following these 3 steps. Although, it’s always worth reading our tips for dying hair black too even if you’ve dyed hair before.

Step 1 – gather everything you need (dye, bleach if you’re using it, brushes, bowls and towels) and read through all the instructions. The dye will direct you to do a test patch 48 hours before you begin the “how to dye hair black at home” guide.

Step 2 – whether you’re using natural black hair dye or one of our easy to use dyes, you need to apply the dye evenly and leave it on for a desired amount of time to get the right color. Do more test patches in advance to work out what shade of black you want and how to get it just right with the best black dye for hair.

Step 3 – finally, wash out the black dye with water – no hair products at this point. You can take care of your black hair color without chemicals or with specialist hair products designed for dyed hair. Check out our hair toners for great hair care in the following weeks!

Tips for Dying Hair Black

For amazing, celebrity quality black hair, follow these simple tips after going through our “how to dye hair black at home” guide.

  • Leave your hair unwashed for as long as possible (at least 48-72 hours) after first dying it so that the black dye really soaks in!

Any dye you use, natural black hair dye or not, will fade over time. Water and harsh chemicals will fade the colors so avoid getting your hair wet as much as possible and use specially formulated products.