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Smooth out the unwanted tones in your hair using hair toner for brassiness! Brassiness can cause real problems when it comes to dyeing your hair as it can interfere with the bright colors of the dye.

Using hair toner for brassiness will create a perfect, even hair color that’s ideal for dyeing. In this short guide, you can find all you need to know about identifying brassiness and learning how to remove brassy tones from brown hair and blonde hair. We’ll also point out a few celebs who’ve rocked brassy hair rather than removing it, and some of the best professional toner for brassy hair available at Dye My Hair!

Brassy brunette hair is often caused by our own hair experiments when we try out new hair colors and bleaches. Dyeing hair lighter colors (or bleaching hair) can add warmer tones that are a bit more permanent and will long outlast the dye you use. This can create an inconsistent color in dyed hair, and brassy highlights in natural hair. Platinum blondes may go to a darker yellow color! The bleach/dye dilutes the melanin in your hair which oxidises, turning warmer and lighter. People with blonde hair can experience brassy hair too, hence you can find both toner for brassy brown hair and best toner for blonde hair on our website.

Don’t fret if you start to notice brassy notes in your hair; it’s quite normal and even the celebs have it. You can either rock the brassy brunette hair look, fix it to your natural color, or fix and then dye a completely new color! Learning how to fix brassy brown hair is actually very simple and easy to do at home, so keep reading for more information.

Brassy Celebrity Hair

You might be thinking that at the first sign of brassy hair the celebs will be down to the salon to get the best professional toner for brassy hair, but that’s not always the case. These 3 rocking celebrities decided to stick with the brassy color and make it their own!

Jessica Alba is known for her sandy blonde hair with brassy, golden hints and highlights. It’s a beautiful warm wash of color that’s actually pretty easy to achieve at home using our natural color hair dyes and toner for brassy brown hair.

You might think of Miley Cyrus and her short hair now, but back when she was better known as Hannah Montana, Miley had lovely brassy brunette hair. Instead of using hair toner, the beautiful brunette styled her hair in long flowing layers that showed off those warm tones and highlights. This works well if you have very thick hair that can be cut into many layers.

Warm honey blondes (think Holly Willoughby) are also super easy to work with. Use your natural brassy tones to add highlights to match.

If that hasn’t given you a new perspective on those brassy tones you’ve been trying to avoid then nothing will. Use the recommended toner – both blonde and brunette – below to replicate the celeb’s styles, create your own or to learn how to remove brassy tones from brown hair yourself.

Here at Dye My Hair, we have several different, high-quality toners from different brands. 

Virgin Snow from Manic Panic is a violet based dye that’s the best toner for brassy blondes! Using this over your natural hair or dyed blonde hair as a toner will neutralise all those yellow and brass tones. If you’re a platinum blonde, you need this hair toner for brassiness!

You can also use it as a white hair dye by simply increasing the amount used and following our guides to dyeing hair.

Stargazer has 2 great toners: White and Silverlock. Use white on platinum blonde hair and Silverlock on dyed grey hair. Both are great to use when learning how to tone brassy hair at home.

When it comes to toner for brassy brown hair you have a few options. You can try using brown hair dyes to cover the brassy streaks or even Crazy Color’s “No Yellow” shampoo to reduce the warm tones.

Use toners and shampoos in-between dyeing your hair different colors and bleaching.

How to Tone Brassy Hair at Home

Learn how to fix brassy brown hair at home by following this super simple method. It’s very easy to do just make sure you do a test patch on your arm before using the toner.

  1. Bleach or dye your hair according to the directions on the box.
  2. Check the label on the toner – how long do you need to wait betweendyeing and toning?
  3. Apply the toner using a new, clean brush to the brassy areas and leave it on for as long as it says on the box.
  4. Wash out the toner with water.
  5. Try using violet based shampoos and wash your hair as little as possible to keep it neutral and bright for as long as possible!

Once you know how to fix brassy brown hair or brassy blonde hair, it just becomes so simple to add it to your hair dye routine. Careful toning will condition your hair and keep the melanin locked in for longer – making for beautiful, pure hair without yellow (or even green) tints.

Find hair toner for brassiness – and all the brushes, bowls, dyes and shampoos too – at Dye My Hair!