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If you’re like us, you know that there’s no such thing as too much color! And if you’re looking for a versatile shade that rocks with every hair style, look no further than our range of blue dye. Whether you’re looking for a navy blue hair dye for dark hair or are wondering how to dye hair light blue, Dye My Hair’s got you covered with a huge range of colors and brands!

When you shop with Dye My Hair, you’ll have access to a wide variety of the most popular hair dye brands currently available! If you’re looking for high-quality blue hair dye, we sell:

  •          Crazy Color
  •          Manic Panic
  •          Stargazer
  •          La Riche Directions
  •          Herman’s Amazing
  •          Paintglow
  •          And Splat!

In addition to our range of hair brands, we also sell hair dye accessories. You’ll find everything you need at our site, competitively priced, so that you can get the perfect blue dyed hair without breaking the bank.

How to Dye Hair Blue Without Bleach

While It’s true that if you want a lighter blue you’ll have to bleach your hair, there are ways to get blue hair without having to bleach it at all!

  1. Use a semi-permanent, darker blue color: Brands like Splat, Stargazer, and Manic Panic all make stunning, deep blue and navy shades that would give a great blue gloss to darker hair. Darker blue shades look especially striking in the sun and can give any darker shade a rich glow that will last for 6-8 weeks depending on hair care.
  2. Use hair chalk: While time-consuming and temporary, hair chalk is a great way to get brighter blues on darker hair and can be a fun option for experimenting with different shades. It’s also great if you want to add streaks of color to your hair to see what they’d look like before fully committing!

Use blue-tinted styling products: At Dye My Hair, we sell several different types of styling gels and liquid hair streaking products that let you get blue hair without the hassle. These products easily wash out at the end of the day, and again give you the option to experiment and change your hair color up without the stress of having to bleach your hair out. They’re fun for younger hair color enthusiasts, as their temporary nature lets teens play without risk. 

How Long Does Blue Hair Dye Last?

We get it – you’ve found the perfect shade of blue and you’d hate to lose that hue! Depending on your hair, the type of dye you’ve used, and what you’re doing to care for your color, you can usually expect your blue dye to last 1-3 months – that is, if you’re using a semi permanent dye. While there is a lot of blue hair dye, permanent options aren’t really available; your best bet for longer-lasting blue hair dye is to use a bright blue dye, make sure you’re properly caring for your hair, and put some of your dye in your conditioner to give your locks a refreshing treatment a few times a week.

We’ve told you how to get a deep blue shade without having to bleach your hair, but what if you’ve already colored your hair before? What if you’ve got brassy shades? We hear you asking, “Will blue dye cover orange hair?!?”

The answer to that question is yes…and no. Some shades of blue are more effective at coloring over orange or brassy tones, but because blue and orange work against each other in the color wheel you may deal with some muddiness – or your hair may turn out green! The best bet for getting a good blue color when you’re starting with orange hair is to tone out the orange first (which can be done with blue or purple hair dye, conveniently – mix it with some conditioner, leave it in for 30 minutes, repeat as necessary!). Then you can be more certain of getting a beautiful blue shade you’ll love!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…?

When you want to keep your blue hair looking fresh and funky, you’ll want to be sure to be sensible with your hair care. That means removing sulfate-laden shampoos and conditioners from your routine (sulfates dry and strip the hair, leeching the color from your strands and making your shade fade), showering only a few times a week in cool water, and making sure you’re using heat protectant products if you’re styling your hair. You may even want to use UV-defense products if you’re planning on spending a lot of time having fun in the sun!

The better care you take of your hair, the longer your hair will be vibrant, blue dyed hair. Whether you’ve chosen to bleach your hair and go light and bright or stuck with dark, mysterious navy and sapphire jewel tones, caring for your hair keeps your color looking fresh and fabulous.

Start a New Trend

Mermaid hair, unicorn hair, geode hair – it feels like it’s all been done, with blue hair rocking heads from Katy Perry to Halsey to Lily Allen. But if you’re a fiend for hair like us, you’ll find a stunning new shade and style that screams you to the world! Don’t hold back – trust Dye My Hair to bring you beautiful blues at prices that’ll make you jump for joy. Check us out today!