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Looking to make your new hair color stand out that little bit more? Then Manic Panic Amplified is sure to please with a huge range of exciting semi-permanent dyes. Be bright and be bold with a range of colors from one of most exciting hair dye brands out there!

With 40 years of high dye experience, the makers of the High Voltage hair dye range have made the Manic Panic Amplified hair dye range that will proudly lengthen the period between hair dyes by up to 30% compared to their High Voltage counterpart. That means you can spend as much as 8 weeks with your chosen color.

At Dye My Hair, we make sure that you get the hair dye you need for less. We are committed to providing cheap Manic Panic hair dye while making sure that you get the best hair dye experience. If you don’t believe us when we say that Manic Panic Amplified hair dye is best, just take a look at some of the Manic Panic Reviews and you will see just how impressive this brand has become.

Manic Panic Amplified Hair Dye Colors

If you’re already a veteran of hair dyeing then you might already have an absolute favourite color that you have in mind and you might want to search for a quality shade from your choice, otherwise, you may want to make a change and try a new style. If you're totally new to the world of hair dye and managed to stumble on the best hair dye choice on your first venture online you simply have to check out this list of the most popular Manic Panic hair dye colors.

  • Blue – If you’re on the search for blue semi permanent hair color then you have plenty of shades to choose from in this range. Choose from the lightest shades of Siren’s Song Turquoise all the way to the darkest After Midnight blue. Our website has the best blue hair Manic Panic can provide.
  • Pink – If you’re looking for a beautiful magenta Manic Panic color effect then we recommend trying to use Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink on brown hair to get that slightly darker pink effect. Otherwise, using the same color on bleached hair will provide a vibrant pink effect. The Manic Panic Mystic Heather hair dye is also a pretty pastel pink that is very popular right now.
  • Red – There is no way you can go wrong with red. If you have a career that frowns on the more extravagant hair colors, getting a rich Vampire Red hair dye will give you the perfect maroon hair color that is still suitable for work. Alternatively, you can embrace the wacky with some Pillarbox red.
  • Green – This hair color choice is definitely the right choice for anyone who loves an adventurous look. Whether it’s embracing the natural forest colors of the Green Envy hair dye or standing out in the crowd with a neon color of an electric lizard green hair dye. The choices will help you get the right look for your skin tone and personality.
  • White – On top of all the hair dyes available in the Amplified range, we also have some Manic Panic Amplified bleach that will help you get the blonde hair that you desire as well as some Virgin Snow White Toner to make your hair the purest platinum white.

If you’re not satisfied with an intense color effect then some of the Manic Panic UV reactive hair dyes will let you have UV glowing hair in the darkest room as long as you have a black light handy. This can make your already amazing hair look even better when you step into a nightclub and suddenly you’re the brightest hairstyle in the whole room. You can choose from the Cotton Candy and Hot Hot Pink, the Electric Lizard green or Siren’s Song blue for a glow in the dark hair effect.

Amplify Your Awesome Hair Color

If you're still in need of persuasion as to why you should buy one of the amplified colors, then make sure to check out the celeb scene of exciting hair colors. Manic Panic boasts a huge fan base of celebrity dye hard, who just can't get enough of the stand out colors. Some of these famous celebrities have enjoyed trying out Manic Panic Amplified, and aren't afraid to shout about it!

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Nicki Minaj
  3. Rihanna
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Demi Lovato
  6. Cher
  7. Alice Cooper
  8. Green Day

Manic Panic remain loyal to their motto "tested on celebrities not animals" - and we can already see how good the celebrity tests have turned out! All the Manic Panic ingredients used in the Amplified hair range are vegan friendly and cruelty free. With all of the top quality ethics, color intensity and lengthened color period, there is no reason not to use the Manic Panic Amplified.

From all of the Manic Panic products available in our store, the Amplified range is easily the best value for your money while also boasting the majority of colors featured in the High Voltage range. Make your color transformation last that little bit longer with some of these suptuosly exciting shades.