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Whether you want to accomplish a fresh mermaid look or new ombré style, hot pink hair dye is the way to go! You find the style and we will help you find the pink hair dye brands that you will want and need! Continue reading to find out more about the dye process, let’s get started.

How to Pick the Perfect Pink Dye

Step One: Before jumping right in and just mindlessly making a hair dye purchase, we want you to consider your options. For example, do you want utilize pink semi permanent hair dye or temporary pink hair dye?

Each type of dye has its advantages; with pink hair dye temporary, you can apply it, go to your event and then wash it out whenever you wish. It’s easy peasy and affordable too! With a semi-permanent dye, you could choose to leave the new color in for as little or as long as you’d like by minimizing the amount of times you shampoo it. On most occasions, semi-permanent dyes can last for 4-12 shampoos.

Step Two: Choose which brand works best for you. We have the best brands in the business, including but not limited to Crazy Color, Herman’s Amazing, La Riche Directions, Manic Panic, Splat, Stargazer and Paintglow. Be sure to check out the Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, it’s one of our best sellers! We know the decision between brands can be quite difficult. We highly recommend researching each brand to ensure that they possess all of the qualities you need and desire from a hair dye brands. Our very diverse clientele have very diverse preferences and we understand that; which is why we hope you can see why we have such a great selection. We really enjoy catering to a variety of hair dyeing needs.

Step Three: Find Your perfect color. Neon pink hair dye, hot pink or light pink, which color works best for you? Pretty Flamingo and Cotton Candy Pink are just a few of our favorite hues. We would also highly recommend Marshmallow Pink, Pink Carnation and Berry Blasts as just a few more of our go-to colors. It’s quite overwhelming isn’t it? We suggest searching through the pink dye section on our website and using the old fashioned eye-test to see which shade is the one you want. Whichever looks appealing to you is best.

Dye Preparation Tools

Protective gloves are a must when it comes to hair dye, they will keep you clean and safe as you mix your next look. As you mix, consider utilizing a heavy duty hair color mixing bowl. These bowls are reusable and made to mix dye. This way, you won’t have to throw away your fancy dinnerware or Tupperware any longer.

To apply dye, use our professional brushes. Each brush was designed with you and your tastes in mind, making it easy for you to apply it as you envisioned, the first time. No more having to re-dye hair because it was accidently messed up in the process. Lastly, grab the professional shampoos, conditioners, serums and hair sprays for aftercare.

Starting the hair dye process without being prepared is a no-no. Make sure you have everything you need or you’ll get stuck in the middle of your new hair-do and unable to run out for more.

Styling Pink Hair

The hottest trends of this decade are here and they all involve the perfect shade of pink. Consider one of the following trends:

  • Mermaid hair
  • Ombré 
  • Unicorn inspired hair 
  • Pink tips
  • Holographic hair 
  • Pink highlights
  • Cotton candy Lobs
  • Half shaved heads with long pink hair

If none of these looks are appealing to your tastes, simply dye your hair a solid pink color and style it with a more traditional look. After all, it’s okay to just straighten your new Cerise pink locks or give your pastel pink hair-do a curl because simplicity is beautiful too!

Your new style choices will look excellent in a sultry photo shoot, at a birthday party, for your Halloween costume or to complete your Princess Bubblegum look at Comic Con. With so much potential it’s no wonder pink hair dye is such a hot commodity! If you’re in need of more inspiration, check major sites like Pinterest to see what works best for you. You’ll find that A list celebrities everywhere are taking the pink plunge (think: model Bella Thorne, singer Pink and actress Drew Barrymore to name a few). Our trusty blog also shares inspiration regularly; so check it out and steal a few creative ideas for your own style book.

Get Your New Pink Dye Today!

Say goodbye to bland dyes and hello to the best hot pink hair dye on the market. Dye My Hair will always provide you with top of the line products like pink hair dye manic panic and other vivacious PPD free dye colors that will leave you wanting more. So tell us, which of our amazing brands will be your next go-to hair dye?

Whichever brand you choose will be packaged and shipped to the following countries in 3-8 business days:

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