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Sunshine yellow is a color that’s guaranteed to turn heads, but trying to find the right hair dye product and style isn’t so simple. Whether you’re looking for custard yellow, fluorescent green-yellow or even a mellow banana shade, you can find the best brands and colors at Dye My Hair.

Punk rockers, pop stars and actresses of all kinds have rocked blonde hair, but bright yellow hair color is something far more daring. Read our short guide to yellow hair colors to find out if you have what it takes…

Our Best Yellow Hair Products

We have several leading brands offering beautiful shades of yellow hair dye products! If you’re at all unsure about these permanent yellow hair products, check out our temporary range too.

Neon Yellow Hair Dye: The best neon yellow hair dye is, without a doubt, “Electric Banana” from Manic Panic. If you want something that’s even brighter, try “Fluorescent Glow” from La Riche Directions. These lively neon yellow hair dyes require thorough bleaching to achieve blonde hair before you even think about adding the dye. More details later in the guide.

Golden Yellow Hair Dye: Warmer colors might suit your complexion better, not to mention your wardrobe. Check out “Canary Yellow” from Crazy Color for a lovely warm yellow hair dye. You could melt this with oranges and reds using the green and yellow hair tips below.

“Bright Daffodil” is another yellow hair color that’s warm and mellow from La Riche Directions. It’s a great alternative to “Canary Yellow” if you want a more nourishing hair dye formula.

We’ve also got some great UV hair chalks from Stargazer and Paintglow. These are ideal for nights out, hen do’s and music festivals where you need a bright yellow color that will wash out easily.

Green and yellow hair can be a truly beautiful look… when you get it right! The wrong green with the wrong yellow can be a disaster, so once you’ve picked out your matching green and yellow hair products, you need to consider the best way to mix the colors and dye your hair.

Dip dye is a very simple style that’s perfect if you’re unsure about the color. By just dip dying the very ends of your hair with the neon yellow hair dye (or any other shade you like) you can build up layers of color that melt into greens. And if you decide that you don’t like the yellow hair color, it’s very easy to just chop off the ends all together!

Ombre styles are just like dip dye styles but they cover all your hair from root to tip. They give you a lot more room to play with. You could use a dark green hair dye at the roots and fade down through shades of yellow hair dye right to the tips – or reverse it. You could even do yellow-green-yellow.

Stripes and streaks aren’t just for Avril Lavigne! A few highlights of yellow hair color can really brighten a green hair dye style and vice versa. You can do rainbow streaks with green and yellow hair, or maybe add a touch of blue? Pick colors that you love!
Whichever style you eventually choose, don’t be afraid to go bold and express yourself.

How to Dye Hair Yellow

You can dye hair yellow in just a few easy steps:

Start by getting bleach blonde hair. You need to use bleach (obviously) so pick up a bleach hair kit from Dye My Hair. You can order it at the same time as the yellow hair dye so you won’t be stuck with blonde hair for long. Make sure to order enough dye for long yellow hair if you’re going for a bright all-over style.

Next, apply the hair dye following the instructions on the yellow hair dye package – it can vary from brand to brand so make sure you read carefully. This is the important step when you dye hair yellow so make sure you get the timing right for your desired shade.

Lastly, rinse off the dye and wait 72 hours before washing with keratin rich hair products. Use a shower cap when washing between hair washes as the moisture from the shower air can leach away the hair color yellow.

As always, you should make sure to do test patches before anything else! Hair color yellow can stay very bright for a long time if you make sure to use the right products – using the wrong ones can make your hair color yellow fade or turn green.

Once you’ve successfully managed to dye hair yellow, it’s time that you worked on styling your new yellow dyed hair. Take inspiration from these 3 fantastic yellow hair dye do’s from celebrity fashion icons!

  • Lady Gaga styled her dyed yellow hair in beautiful waves for the 2010 Grammy awards. Her long yellow hair cascaded down in platinum blonde with a bright canary yellow underneath. The key to this look is glamorous yet loose curls and waves. Her dyed yellow hair flows naturally without looking stuck down with a whole can of hair spray.

  • Ke$ha’s funky green and yellow hair in a vibrant, fluorescent shade is a more relaxed hair style that you can easily do at home. Go for a simple, all-over dye then tousle your hair slightly. Brush through with your fingers rather than a comb so the neon yellow hair dye looks messy and sexy. Flip it over to a side parting and you’re ready to rock!

  • Finally, there’s Rita Ora’s sleek dip dye yellow hair color look. You want to get super straight, sleek hair for this style – use your hair straighteners and hair spray so that every strand stays together in a perfect, yellow curtain of hair.

Combining celebrity styles with our epic yellow hair products is a sure way to end up with stunning hair that even hair dressers will be jealous of! Follow our tips and guides for beautiful yellow hair color every time.