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Tired of searching through yellow hair dye reviews looking for the ultimate shade of neon yellow hair? The search is over. In this article you can find all you need to know about bright yellow hair styles, the best neon yellow hair dye brands and some tips on how to keep your color looking fluorescent.

Yellow symbolizes happiness. Neon yellow hair is full-blown, edge of your seat, ecstatic with joy! Golden yellows on their other hand are mellow happiness, a gentle warm feeling that reassures you everything is okay. There’s a shade of bright yellow hair dye for every personality, every hair style, and every fashion sense.

Even for celebrities, bright yellow hair can be a tricky look to pull off. But these 3 style icons make it look easy!

  • Rita Ora: the Black Widow singer dyed her hair with neon yellow hair dye to create elegant streaks for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. She wore her hair in a classic up-do with a feathered fringe. To tint the feathered edges of your hair like Rita, use Stargazer Yellow Neon Hair Chalk, or pick a neon yellow hair dye like La Riche Directions Fluorescent Glow for a more permanent style.

  • Lady Gaga: the world-famous singer who’s had as many different hair styles as Rihanna and Katy Perry once opted for bright yellow hair! Styled in voluptuous waves, her blonde hair was dyed underneath with bright yellow hair dye. To create a similar style, try Canary Yellow from Crazy Color or Bright Daffodil from La Riche Directions.

  • Ke$ha: unlike Rita and Gaga who played it relatively safe with attractive yellow shades, Ke$ha made an all-out statement with the best neon yellow hair dye look we’ve EVER seen! To achieve the same look, start by thoroughly bleaching your hair so the best neon yellow hair dye really stands out, then apply Manic Panic Electric Banana or Sunshine Yellow shades for a dazzling appearance.

Yellow Hair Dye Reviews

One of the first things that catches your eye when you’re searching for the best yellow hair dye is the reviews. Sometimes it’s a review that confirms your suspicions, other times it’s a review that reveals what the color is really like and you end up buying. So, to save you time scouring through yellow hair dye reviews, we’ve looked at the best yellow hair dyes available and described the colors accurately for you!

Neon Yellow Hair Dye:

Manic Panic Electric Banana is the ultimate, classic neon yellow hair dye. We’d even go so far as to say it’s the best neon yellow hair dye ever. The color is very bright, a neon shade with almost a green tint like a ripening banana.

If Manic Panic Electric Banana isn’t your style, try Lemon Daisy from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand. It’s a zesty, citrus color that’s very bright without that hint of green.

For the best shade, you need to dye your yellow hair after bleaching. Neon yellow hair dye without bleaching first is unlikely to have great results… in fact, natural hair colors plus yellow sometimes makes for green hair!

Bright Yellow Hair Dye:

For bright yellow hair after bleaching that’s not quite as shocking as neon, take a look at these shades:

Stargazer’s simple bright Yellow hair dye is almost golden without having any orange tint. It’s a warm shade of bright yellow hair dye – a timeless color that suits many people’s complexions.

Canary Yellow is a sunny shade reminiscent of tweety pie! This best yellow hair dye suits all skin tones and adds a sunny, tanned glow to any outfit.

Best Yellow Hair Dye:

The best yellow hair dye brands featured on Dye My Hair are picked for their long-lasting colors, variety in shades, ease of application and consumer friendliness.

Manic Panic Electric Banana and other shades, for example, are all safe to use during pregnancy and the colors can last up to 6 weeks.

The best yellow hair dyes from La Riche Directions work in as little as 15-minute and are never ever tested on animals. Whatever quality you’re looking for in your best yellow hair dye, you can find details on our website.

How to Get Neon Yellow Hair

Getting bright yellow hair is fairly easy if you’ve dyed your hair before. Simply bleach, add bright yellow hair dye and go…. But neon yellow hair is a whole different ball game. Here are some tips on how to keep your neon yellow hair staying fluorescent and bright for as long as possible!

Before Dying:

  • Find dyes that are conditioning – the majority of our bright yellow hair dyes are conditioning, but check out the La Riche Directions neon yellow hair dye for extra nourishment.

  • Use keratin rich, protein-full hair products in the weeks leading up to the day you’ll dye bright yellow hair. This will allow your hair to absorb as much as the best yellow hair dye as possible.

  • Use a good quality bleach, even though it won’t be visible for long! You can find bleach among the bright yellow hair dye at Dye My Hair.

After Dying:

  • Wait at least 2 days before using any products on your freshly dyed neon yellow hair. Once those 2 days have passed, make sure any products you use are specially made for dyed hair.

  • Limit moisture exposure: when water comes into contact with your dyed bright yellow hair, the color molecules immediately start to leach. Make sure you always carry an umbrella or jacket with a waterproof hood, and wear a shower-cap on the days you shower between hair washes to stop excess moisture getting at your strands.

  • Use cool or lukewarm water for washing your dyed hair. Hot temperatures will make the lovely neon yellow hair dye fade much faster than usual.

Follow those simple tips and your yellow hair won’t lose its brightness for a long while! Check back with Dye My Hair regularly for new tips on hair dying and new yellow shades from the leading hair dye brands.