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Some of the best orange hair dye products have had a facelift. What once used to be the subject of playground taunts and botched dye jobs, ginger hair is now a color that we’re all lusting over. With less than 2% of the world’s population having ginger hair, natural gingers are going au natural and letting their ruby locks shine boldly. But, it’s not just gingers who are loving this red orange hair color. Girls from all different shades are turning to bright orange hair dye to achieve this bold and exotic color.

Who Suits a Red Orange Hair Color

The beauty of orange hair dye is that there are so many different shades to choose from. From bright orange hair dye to dark orange hair dye, you can create countless looks with this color.

Women with pale and cool skin always look amazing with a red orange hair color. Shades like strawberry blonde, light copper and pale ginger are perfect for creating a natural English rose look. For something more daring, why not try using bright orange hair dye.

Those with darker skin can also pull off a variety of different red orange hair colors. Dark orange hair dye is usually the best in this case, and colors like burnt orange and auburn look fantastic against dark skin.

Olive skinned ladies should be extra careful when experimenting with red orange hair color. Since their skin is already warm, and has a lot of underlying yellow tones, orange hair dye can wash out their skin. However, as a bold fashion statement, bright orange hair dye is still sure to turn a few heads.

If you still need an extra push to put that orange hair dye on your head, check out these celebrities for inspiration:

  • Nicole Kidman: As one of the world’s favorite natural ginger leading ladies, Nicole Kidman’s natural red locks are almost as iconic as her famous collection of ex’s.

  • Rihanna: As the queen of colored hair, I doubt that there’s any bright hue that Ri-Ri hasn’t dabbled with. Her long flowing auburn locks helped prove that a red orange hair color isn’t just for fair skinned girls.

  • Amy Adams: Known for her flaming red locks, a lot of people are surprised when they find out that Amy Adams is actually a natural strawberry blonde. I guess you could say that hitting the orange hair dye helped her stand out from the crowd and win those Golden Globes!

  • Emma Stone: Another natural blonde with a penchant for orange hair dye. Emma Stone’s red orange hair color has been fooling us all into thinking she’s a natural redhead for years!

  • Scarlett Johansson: Scarlett’s the true style chameleon, known for her everchanging hair. She’s rocked a few different red orange hair colors over the years, but she showed off her most famous scarlet locks in her role as Black Widow. As well as this, she’s also experimented with light auburn and bright orange hair dye looks. 

Our Best Orange Hair Dye Products

Here at Dye My Hair, we have a huge range of the best orange hair dye. Permanent, temporary, bright, muted and light; whatever you fancy, we have it waiting for you. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

Herman’s Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Color (UV Tara Tangerine): This direct hair dye is perfect for brunettes since it takes to dark hair without pre-bleaching. As well as this, it’s UV Reactive, meaning your hair will glow in the dark, too! If you love standing out from the crowd, this bright orange hair dye is for you.

La Riche Directions Color Hair Dye in Mandarin: If you’re looking for a dark orange hair dye that’s anything but drab look no further than this offering from La Riche! This vivid hair color will help you achieve a burnt orange look that’s highly pigmented and ultra-shiny.

Stargazer Neon Hair Chalk: If you’re just looking to experiment with a red orange hair color for the day, hair chalk might be the best choice for you. Simply apply the hair chalk to damp hair and achieve bright orange streaks wherever you want them. The beauty of this product is that it washes out the next day without staining your hair follicle- just be sure to wash it out before going to sleep to avoid staining your pillows!

Tips for Using Bright Orange Hair Dye

  • To achieve a super bright color, you’ll probably need to begin by bleaching your hair. Although brunettes can achieve an orange red hair color without pre-bleaching, it won’t be anywhere near as vibrant.

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your color looking brighter for longer.

  • Make sure you always rinse your hair with cold water- both when washing and dying it.

  • Another way to keep your color for longer is by mixing some of the orange hair dye into your hair conditioner. By doing this, you’ll deposit more color onto your hair every time you wash it.

  • If you’re dying your hair for the first time, it’s best to play it safe with an all-over color. By doing this, you simply apply the orange hair dye all over your hair and leave it to develop: easy-peasy and fool-proof color!

  • To do something more intricate, like add highlights, or create an ombre look, you should use a mixing bowl and brush to apply the orange hair dye. Permanent colors take a long time to fade so make sure you get it right!

  • Take time to decide what’s the best orange hair dye for you. If you like vibrant daring looks, why not try a bright orange hair dye? If you have a deeper skin tone, a dark orange hair dye will look amazing on you. Looking to add some ginger tones to already blonde hair? A color like strawberry blonde will be truly irresistible!

A red orange hair color is so exotic and unique that we think everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime! Whether you prefer crazy bright orange hair dye or muted auburn tones, you’re sure to find something among our best orange dye products that you’ll love!