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Are you wondering how to get silver gray hair dye that doesn’t make you look like a granny? The key is to find a beautiful shade of gray hair dye that suits your complexion and is of a very high quality so it will keep your hair healthy and strong.

With careful planning, good dyes and meticulous hair care routines, you can rock gray hairstyles. In this short guide, we’ve compiled all you need to know to ensure that you get silver gray hair dye that is unbelievably stylish, shimmering and very long lasting!

These three celebs have taken on the granny gray color! The 3 styles are very different, showing just how much fun you can have with different shades of silver gray hair dye color

  • Zosia Mamet, star of HBO’s Girls has rocked beautiful antique silver gray hair dye colors. She used silver gray hair dye on her short bob over black lowlights to create a very mature, sleek look. Try using “Gilda Granny Gray” from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand for a similar color.
  • At just 27 Kelly Osbourne decided to dye her hair a lovely shade of silver. The famous singer and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne dyed her hair a pale silver gray color and styled it with big curls that suited her perfectly – proof that silver gray hair dye color doesn’t have to be styled sleek and straight! Try using “Silver” from Crazy Color for a similar shade.
  • Let’s not forget about Hilary Duff; the actress dyed her hair a very soft and pretty shade of silver gray hair dye. Just like Zosia, Hilary used a slightly darker shade of dark gray hair dye under the silver to give her hair a little oomph. “Veronica White” from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand is perfect for replicating this color!

If those 3 celebs haven’t inspired you to create your own silver hair dye, just take a look through our website. Browse the silver gray hair dye shades and you’ll soon be bursting with ideas on how to dye your hair next.

The Ultimate Gray Hair Dye Brands

One of the best silver gray hair dyes is simply called “Silver” by La Riche Directions. This best silver gray hair dye comes in tubs of 88ml and has a shimmer that will last for up to 6 weeks.

For the best silver gray hair dye without the shimmering, shiny appearance, look out for “Veronica White” from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand. This matte shade of gray is perfect for those looking for a completely gray style rather than a silver gray style.

If you want to skip gray all together, look no further than these beautiful best silver hair dyes:

  • “Virgin Snow” from Manic Panic is so pale it’s almost white! The key to getting a very light silver-white color with this silver hair dye is to bleach thoroughly beforehand.
  • Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand has another shade that’s slightly lighter than “Veronica White.” This is their best silver hair dye toner and it’s called “Blanc Blanche” – you can use it with all the Herman dyes.
  • Finally, we come to the best dark gray hair dye from our leading brands:
  • For a dark gray hair dye with a cold blue tint, try “Silver Storm” from Paintglow or “Stella Steel Blue” from Herman’s.
  • If you want a classic, granny gray look at “Mathilda Granny Gray” or “Sylvia Silver” instead, both from Herman’s too!

I Want to Dye My Hair Gray… How Can I Do It at Home?

Tired of waiting? Wishing “I want to dye my hair gray now”? Follow these simple steps to use silver gray hair dye at home for beautiful results:

  • Buy all your tools in one go: start with a good quality bleach, your favorite permanent silver hair dye, bowls, brushes, specialised hair products and silver hair toner.
  • Do a test patch with the bleach and dye to make sure you won’t have a reaction to the gray hair dye.
  • Have a friend help you bleach your hair to level 9 or 10 as early as a few days in advance. Don’t forget your eyebrows too!
  • Following the instructions on the hair dye box, coat your hair in the silver gray hair dye and leave it a while to soak in.
  • Rinse with water only and wait as long as possible before using shampoo in your hair. Choose a color preserve shampoo to help your new ‘do last longer.
  • Apply the silver hair toner and enjoy your beautiful new silver gray hair dye color. It won’t be long before everyone you know is saying “I want to dye my hair gray too!”

Make sure you check out the full range of permanent silver hair dye and gray shades at Dye My Hair. If you aren’t sure about which shade to choose why not buy a few to test out which hair shade you like before dying your entire head or check out our blogs and guides to work out which shade of gray is on-trend right now!