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Silver grey hair is unusual and beautiful. Don’t worry, it won’t age you! In fact, the light silver tones can lift your overall appearance and have you feeling years younger. Silver is also very versatile; it’s a beautiful shade used in ombre effects, mixed with pale pastel colors like soft baby pink and lilac. Finding the best silver hair dye products can be tricky, so we’ve compiled this short guide to help you through the entire process.

From picking a shade, to applying the best silver hair dye, to styling your new luscious locks, you can find all the essential information here.

Best Silver Dye Jobs

Dascha Polanco, P!nk and Ellie Goulding are just three of the many celebrities that have had the best silver dye jobs we’ve seen. The key to replicating their style is to be meticulous with touch-ups and hair maintenance.

Once you’ve achieved the silver hair you desire, we recommend that you use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners that are rich in protein and keratin. You will also need to check regularly for areas where your natural color is starting to appear. With light colors like silver, your natural hair color will be very noticeable.

Finally, you need to use different shades within your hairdo. Silver can be a flat color so try using dark shades underneath and highlights on top. If you are only buying one shade of semi permanent silver hair dye, try experimenting with the length of time you leave the dye on to achieve different depths.

Semi Permanent Silver Hair Dye Brands

We have selected only the best silver hair dye for you, from semi permanent silver hair dyes to temporary, wash out colors.

Best Silver Hair Dye

Both Crazy Color and La Riche Directions have shades of hair dye named “Silver.” Yet the two shades couldn’t more different!

Crazy Color’s best Silver dye is quite dark and metallic. It’s a true silver color that you’d expect from sterling silver and beautiful jewellery pieces. You can almost detect a hint of cold gunmetal blue in the shade that will shimmer through beautifully once you’ve applied the best Silver dye.

La Riche’s Silver hair dye, on the other hand, is incredibly light. Bleaching is essential for this semi permanent silver hair dye. It’s the lightest silver dye available which makes it tricky to pull off. If it’s done right, however, you’ll look absolutely stunning.

Best Silver Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Achieving light silver hair is almost impossible if you don’t bleach your hair first. But, if you’re looking for the best silver hair dye for dark hair that hasn’t been bleached, you still have a few options.

Graphite, a very dark silver shade from Crazy Color is a great semi permanent silver hair dye that’s very dark in color with a silvery texture. It’s the best silver hair dye for dark hair due to it’s dark tones that will smother your natural hair color better than the lighter shades already mentioned.

The second darkest shade of best silver grey hair dye is from Herman’s Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Dye. The shade is called Mathilda Granny Grey and although it’s considerably lighter than Graphite, it’s still going to cover your dark hair better than the pale silver dyes.

Best Silver Toner

Finally, for the best silver toner, look no further than Stargazer’s Silverlock Hair Toner which is suitable for use with all the semi permanent silver hair dyes previously mentioned.

How to Dye Hair Silver

It’s imperative that you bleach your hair before trying to use the best silver hair dye products. Any hint of your natural colors and you’ll ruin the light silver effect. Lighten your hair using the bleach to level 9 or 10 and you’ll have full control over the light silver results.

Before you even think about how to bleach and dye hair silver, make sure you have all the necessary equipment – brushes, hair products formulated for dyed hair, bowls, spare towels and, of course, a dedicated best friend to help you dye hair silver at the back of your head.

Follow the instructions on the packet and don’t ever forget to do the test patch on your arm a few days in advance. Even if you’ve dyed your hair before it’s so important to do a new test patch every time.

Once your hair has been dyed, don’t use any hair products for at least 72 hours or you’ll drastically reduce the length of time the best silver hair dye lasts. Finally, apply our best silver toner to your hair to further enhance the color and give your hair some TLC!

You can find the best silver toner and all other dying equipment at Dye My Hair.

Best Silver Hair Dye Looks

There are many looks you can have once your hair is dyed with our best silver grey hair dyes. Here are a few to give you some inspiration!

  • Dead straight silver hair - Keeping your hair dead straight creates a very glossy, light silver look. Light literally bounces off like it’s a mirror! This is also a great way to style your hair if you’ve used semi permanent silver hair dye shades to create an ombre effect.
  • Big braids - Back comb and plait sections of your silver hair in a big, bold style. This up-do makes your best silver hair dye look less granny and more modern – it’s also great for lifting sections of hair to reveal darker grey or black shades underneath.
  • Gentle waves - We rarely see our best silver grey hair dyes used for large ringlet style hair do’s. In fact, our best silver grey hair dyes look truly amazing when used in a gentle, wavy hair style. Create very sleek waves as silver really doesn’t look flattering on hair frizz!

When you finally achieve your silver hair, make it you own. Wear your new silver grey hair in any way that makes you feel comfortable and expresses your personality. You will love how amazing your new color can look.