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Red hair dye colors are incredibly popular, simply because they are so stunning and versatile! Red hair can look natural or vivid and illuminating. Regardless of your skin tone, natural hair color and fashion style, red hair is sure to suit you!

We wanted to share our knowledge when it comes to finding the perfect shade in this short guide, so you can pick the perfect colors to dye red hair. Starting with hair style inspiration and ending on red hair dye tips, you can find all you need to know right here at Dye My Hair.

Celebrity Red Hair Dye Colors

Whether you’re a natural red-head or not, you can still refresh your look just like these celebrities. You don’t need to be a Rock star with an exclusive salon to get great looking hair – look out for recommended red hair dye shades that you can affordably buy for each hair style!

Florence Welch a.k.a. Florence and the Machine has naturally brown hair, but her signature style is a natural looking ginger hair dye color with a lovely shine. Her usual style is long, often with a full fringe. You can try using Bloody Mary from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye range to get a natural style color that’s similar.

Ariana Grande might now be a very famous singer, but her career started way back in 2010 when she starred as Cat in Victorious with beautiful red hair! Her long silky locks were regularly dyed a deep, glossy red color with bright red hair dye. You can find similar a shade from Stargazer, called Rouge Red.

Believe it or not, Emma Stone is naturally blonde. Her iconic strawberry blonde locks are the result of a careful red hair dye regime. She uses a brighter shade than Florence, even adding tints and flecks of cherry red colors, like Luscious Raspberry from Splat. Cut your hair in a short, choppy bob or go long and sleek with pin curls to recreate some of Emma’s best styles.

When it comes to most red hair dye shades, they can easily be separated into one of three categories.

Cherry red hair is quite deep and can be the hardest to match with your wardrobe simply because of the depth of the color. If you’re going to use cherry red hair dye permanent colors, try styling it up in vintage, retro rock n’ roll curls. Or, you can style it long and flowing. Keep it dead straight to highlight an all-over color, or cut layers in if you’re adding low-lights or highlights.

Natural ginger hair dye gives you the most options. Any hair cut you go for will look natural with ginger hair! Bear in mind that if you really want people to believe that it’s your natural hair color you will need to be meticulous with your dye application. You will need to keep your roots topped up too.

Between ginger hair colors and cherry red colors, there is a plethora of other bright red hair dyes to choose from. For pretty, feminine hair styles make sure to pick a vibrant dye that will go well with pink, purple and other colors that make up your wardrobe. If you want to style a punk look, you can literally pick any bright shade – all will work well with dark wardrobes, some will even work with blue and navy clothes.

Red Hair Dye Brands

Picking a high quality brand is essential for having glossy, healthy looking red hair. Researching colors to dye red hair can be overwhelming. There are so many shades and brands out there but part of the fun is selecting your new color.

Picking a red hair dye for dark hair means finding a strong enough color that can combat natural dark shades. You have 2 options: very dark red hair, or a very bright hair color to overall lighten hair color and create a glow in the sunlight.

Try using Resurrection Red from Paintglow which naturally has a hint of brunette to it or Flame Red from La Riche Directions. Both are dark shades that are perfect for dark hair.

If you know lots of people who’ve already explored red hair, maybe you’re looking for something a little different so you stand out? Try these cool, alternative colors to dye red hair!

  • Bordeaux Red from Crazy Color is a beautiful, wine red shade with hints of warm amber.
  • Splat currently have a fantastic ombre dying kit! It contains a deep red color as well as 2 alternative colors to dye red hair. It contains Kelly’s Blue/Cherry Pop/Sweet Ruby hair dye and instructions for how to create the ombre effect.
  • If you’re not ready for red hair dye semi permanent color, try the Red UV temporary hair streak from Paintglow or Red Neon hair chalk from Stargazer. Both are fantastic temporary dyes that can look as bright as semi-permanent dyed hair.

To keep your red hair dye permanent for as long as possible, make sure to take proper care of it and use the right red hair dye equipment! Consider this the official checklist:

  • Enough dye to cover your entire head.
  • Bowl and mixing brushes.
  • High quality bleach (available at Dye My Hair).
  • Specially formulated hair products to keep your red hair dye permanent for as long as possible.
  • Shower cap to stop dye fading every time you wash.

We hope our red hair dye tips and checklist has been useful. If you didn’t find a shade of red that really suits you in this article, make sure you check out all the dyes available! There are so many to choose from at Dye My Hair.