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Searching for the best red hair dye for dark hair is a time-consuming task. On one hand, you want a red color that’s flattering, attractive and suits your skin tone; on the other hand, you want to find a unique, vibrant dye that no one else is using. You could spend hours just sifting through different red hair dye for dark hair packages!

That’s why we’ve created this short guide. Its jam packed with everything you need to know about dying black hair red with box dye and the best bright red hair dye permanent and temporary shades available, so you can stand out and look your best.

Red hair looks best with what skin tone?

Red hair suits all skin tones. Be true to your personality, and dye your hair whichever shade of red you like! Be proud of who you are confident with your hair shade. Here are a few examples of celebrities with different shades of red hair, just to give you some inspiration!

Lily Cole is a stunning model, known for her beautiful natural ginger hair color. However, just because you’re not naturally ginger doesn’t mean you can’t take on the shade and make it your own, just like Emma Stone. Try Coral Red from Crazy Color, it’s a great light red hair dye for dark hair.

Rihanna has had some very beautiful, glossy shades of dark red. She just goes to show that finding red hair dye for dark hair is possible! The rich, mahogany-red hair looks fantastic with her warm skin tone, but she’s not the only celeb who can pull off this look. Drew Barrymore has dyed her hair a similar, rich mahogany shade in the past – try using Resurrection Red from Paintglow for a similar shade. And let’s not forget Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who rocked beautiful dark cherry hair, a shade close to Vampire Red from Manic Panic.

The Best Red Hair Dye for Dark Hair UK Brands

All of our dyes at Dye My Hair are from high quality brands. Here are the highlights of some of our best red hair dye for dark hair shades.

For the brightest ever red color, you can’t go wrong with Felicia Fire from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye! This UV hair dye is sure to have your locks looking fresh and bright.

There is a huge list of bright hair colors to try. Check out Inferno from Manic Panic or Pillar Box Red from La Riche Directions. Both are fantastic bright red hair shades.

To get the best results for bright red color on very dark hair, you should consider bleaching your hair first. Ideally you should bleach to lightness level 9 or 10. Once bleached, try these shades of bright red hair dye for dark hair:

  • Rose from La Riche Directions is a beautiful cherry color. It’s a mix of red roses and magenta pink to create a purple-red shade!
  • Vermillion Red from Crazy Color is the ultimate mahogany red shade of bright red hair dye for dark hair. This is great for an all over color or used as low lights with some of the light red hair dye for dark hair shade.
  • Hellfire from Manic Panic is a lovely light red color. It’s certainly bright but has more orange tones than you will find in Pillar Box Red and Inferno.
  • Alternatively, try Rock N Roll Red (also from Manic Panic) for a salmon light red hair dye for dark hair.

How to Dye Your Hair Red at Home

Here you can find the best tips for Dying Black Hair Red with Box Dye.

  • Before you begin to look at methods of how to dye your hair red at home, gather all the necessary equipment. Have the dyes, bleach, brushes, bowls and hair products all within reach.
  • Whether you’re heading to a salon for your hair dye job or you’re going to be dying black hair red with box dye at home, you always need to run a test patch before you begin. This works as an allergy test and you can also make sure it is the right color for you.
  • If you’re going to use red hair dye for dark hair without bleaching, make sure you work out how long to leave the dye on for. You may want to increase the amount of time it states on the box.
  • To ensure that your red color stays colorful and bright for longer, wait 72 hours after dyeing before using shampoo and conditioner. 

Learning how to dye your hair red at home is very simple – make sure you follow the instructions on the hair dye package. These instructions may vary a little from dye to dye, so don’t forget to read them before you begin.

Remember to enjoy your vibrant red hair! Whether you want to come back for more of the same color or try a new shade, your hair dye adventure could start with the best red hair dye for dark hair. Forget about your hair dye disasters of the past – with the top brands you are sure to find a long lasting, gorgeous color.