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To get the best pastel purple hair dye brands and shades, you need to spend hours researching different colors… or do you? In this short guide we’ve compiled all the juicy details on beautiful lilac shades worn by celebs, the pastel hair dye brands you should buy from and a few tips on how to use pastel hair dye for dark hair.

From delicate temporary pastel hair dye to stand-out lilac shades with ombre blues and mauve, all your purple pastel color hair style inspiration can be found here.

Women’s Pastel Hair Dye Styles

Purple is at the top of the list of popular choices that girls choose when it comes to picking a shade for pastel hair dye. These two female celebs have worn their purple pastel hair dye with grace and style.

  • Perrie Edwards, singer from Little Mix, bleached her hair thoroughly before dyeing her hair, rather than using pastel hair dye for dark hair. The result was a very pale, pretty shade of pastel hair dye. She’s had a million and one different hair styles, and each has been just as lovely as the next, especially the pastel purple hair look! 
  • Nicole Richie, fashion fiend and friend to Paris Hilton dyed her short, wavy bob with beautiful blue tinted, purple pastel hair dye. There are Lilac hair dye permanent brands that you can explore to get the same color, but the best options are hair-friendly semi permanent colors like Vicky Violet from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye and Lie Locks Purple from Manic Panic.

Men’s Pastel Hair Styles

Who said purple pastel colors hair was just for girls? Here’s a little tip for all the men who want to dye their hair but are hesitating – Often the best fashion and beauty looks for men have fought back against normal conventions. Be unique, be yourself and you’ll feel much happier. Here are two style icons that you can use as inspiration for men’s pastel hair styles.

  • Zayn Malik - this singer superstar has worn a dip-dye look with very light men’s pastel hair dye. His wavy locks were tinted with a hint of pastel pink, but we think pale lilac hair dye permanent styles would suit him even more.
  • Justin Bieber – the Biebs recently showed off his stunning lavender purple hair color for all of his fans on social media and we won’t be surprised if this becomes the next big pastel purple hair dye look for guys around the world.

Best Pastel Hair Dye Brands

When it comes to the best pastel hair dye brands, a few immediately stand out. At Dye My Hair, we have the best shade for you, whether you’re looking for a classic shade, feminine lilac color or just temporary pastel hair dye for the weekend.

Ultimate Purple Pastel Hair Dye

The ultimate bright yet still purple pastel hair dye has to be Velvet Violet from Manic Panic. It’s quite bright but with a few washes will settle into a delicate, pretty purple shade. On bleached hair (we suggest you try to bleach to the highest brightness to get the best look) this dye takes up to 30 minutes to really sink in.

For a quicker purple pastel hair dye, try Lavender from La Riche Directions. It’s not quite as bright as Velvet Violet, but it gets to work in under 15 minutes and is super nourishing! It’s the perfect purple pastel hair dye for damaged hair.

Lilac Hair Dye Permanent Colors

When it comes to the palest of all pastel dyes, you can’t beat a light lilac hair dye permanent style.

Lie Locks Purple from Manic Panic is much more pastel than their Velvet Violet shade, although it is still quite bright. With lilac hair dye permanent styles you can also get similar colors to this shade. It’s even more important to thoroughly bleach your hair beforehand for permanent hair color. Any hint of your natural color can ruin the overall look.

Lilac from La Riche Directions is an even gentler version! Try a lilac hair dye permanent style with this kind of color with an ombre effect: pick up some Wisteria and Violet hair dye (also from La Riche Directions) to create a beautiful blend of purple shades.

Temporary Pastel Hair Dye

If you’re not ready to commit full-time, start by trying some of these temporary pastel hair dyes for wash out colors. These are also great for music festivals, nights out on the town and special events!

Purple Haze from Manic Panic is a styling gel that you can apply directly to your hair for temporary pastel hair dye color. The color will be brighter on light hair but it’s still a great temporary pastel hair dye to use.

Violet Sky from Splat is a simple chalk that you can use for dying streaks and tinted ends. The chalk washes out easily so you don’t need to worry about any lingering color.

How to Use Pastel Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Finding a beautiful pastel hair dye is all well and good, but if you’ve got dark hair then chances are you’ll need to find a good bleach to achieve a light pastel look. Pastel hair dye for dark hair is nearly impossible to come by – the very nature of pastel hair color means that any dark colors underneath will undoubtedly muddy the end look.

Here are a few alternative ideas for how you can use pastel hair dye for dark hair:

  • Dip-dye ends. You can try bleaching just a section of your hair at the very ends for applying the pastel hair dye. For dark hair this is a chance to have both your natural color and new color at the same time. You can always cut off the ends if you don’t like it.
  • Streaks. Adding highlights and low lights using violet shades you can create a subtle look with pastel hair dye for dark hair.

Finally, if you really want to avoid bleach you can take a look at some of the beautiful, dark and deep shades at Dye My Hair! From plum purples to magenta tulips you can find all sorts of high-quality hair dyes and bleaches.