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If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest or Instagram recently, you’ll be no stranger to seeing the talented use of light purple hair dye to create an unbeatable hair color effect. From shades of iced lavender to smoky lilac and parma violet, this color is modern, fresh and sweet, without being too sickly. The style has the seal of approval from most of The UK’s top beauty bloggers and has been sported by celebrities like Nicole Richie, Cara Delevingne and Kelly Osborne. If you’re ready to try the look for yourself, keep reading for our tips and inspiration on how to get lilac hair.

Looks to Create with Lilac Hair Dye

Light purple hair is anything but one-dimensional. The looks that you can create with pastel purple hair dye are endless. These are some of our favorites:

  • Black and Light Purple Ombre: For brunettes looking to get in on the pastel hair trend, a black and light purple ombre is a great look to try. Manic Panic is often considered to be the best purple hair dye for dark hair since these dyes can take to dark hair without bleach. We recommend that you use some bleach if you’re looking for extra vibrant locks- luckily, you only need to add the bleach to the ends of your hair in this case.) Shop light purple hair dye online to find your perfect shade!
  • Pearl Blonde: One for the blondies: if you love your blonde locks and just want a subtle change, pearl blonde is a great style to try. This look is so similar to platinum that they could even be mistaken in dull light. However, when the sun shines on pearl blonde hair, you’ll see the muted violet tones shining through. To achieve this color, your hair should be a very pale shade of platinum to begin with. From there, you should thin out your lilac hair dye with pastelizer and then add it to your hair.
  • Rose Gold and Lilac Ombre: Rose gold and lilac are two of the most modern hair colors of the moment. If you’re like us, you probably struggle to choose between the two! Luckily, this rose gold and lilac ombre combines the best of both with gorgeous metallic rose gold at the top and cool, dusty lilac hair dye at the ends.
  • Smoky Lilac: Thought it was impossible to combine grunge and glamour? Think again! Smoky lilac is a murky shade of lilac hair dye that’s mostly grey, but with hints of light purple shining through. It’s a chic and more grown up take on pastel hair, that looks good on both blondes and brunettes with hair long and short.

Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Dark haired girls often struggle to achieve pastel toned hair without the help of bleach. However, that’s all changing thanks to a new generation of direct hair dyes. These dyes don’t require oxidization for the color to stain the hair so you can see a color change that is similar to that on the box. This makes it easier and more hair friendly to get the hair color that you desire.

Splat’s Purple Desire is considered to be in the running for the position of best purple hair dye for dark hair. However, there are a whole host of different purple hair dye brands out there such as La Riche, Crazy Color and Manic Panic that might take pride of place on your hair. Manic Panic, in particular, has a huge range of vibrant and highly pigmented pastel purple hair dyes, including colors like Deep Purple Dream, Velvet Violet, Plum Passion and Mystic Heather. Since these aren’t direct dyes, you’ll need to lighten your hair before dying for the best results.

How to Get Light Purple Hair

If you’re wondering how to get light purple hair, you’re probably in the process of considering whether or not you want to bleach your hair.

If you don’t want to bleach your hair, you can use a direct dye like Splat’s Purple Desire. The colour from this dye will stick to your natural hair, regardless of how dark it is already.

If you’re willing to bleach your hair, we recommend using a light bleach and only bleaching the parts of hair that you want to color. Remember, that you don’t necessarily need to do use your light purple hair dye all over your hair. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, why not experiment with a flash of light purple in your fringe or a streak of color beneath your hair!

Pastel Purple Hair Dye Aftercare

After using light purple hair dye, you’ll need to follow these tips to sustain your pastel hues.

  • Use a toning shampoo such as Crazy Color No Yellow Shampoo. This shampoo will remove all the yellow tones from your hair, keeping your light purple hair looking bright and cool.
  • Try to wash your hair less often to avoid stripping the color. If you can, 5 days is the optimum number of days to leave between hair washes. Since sulfate-free shampoo is gentler on your hair than regular shampoo, we recommend using that. It’s also worth noting that dry shampoo can work wonders at keeping your hair from looking like a chip pan!
  • A light purple hair color requires constant upkeep. If you do decide to commit, you’ll need to top up your pastel purple hair dye every 3 to 4 weeks to keep it looking ultra vibrant.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this quick guide has given you some ideas and inspiration about how to get lilac hair. This gorgeous color is a modern take on brightly colored hair that suits blondes and brunettes alike. Whether you prefer dark heather, bright indigo or smoky lilac, you can shop light purple hair dye online to find the color that you love.