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The color red is often associated with beauty and love. It stands in the midway between bright colors like turquoise or purple and mild or subtle colors like light blue and black. Best red hair dye is extremely attractive and charming, yet simple and glossy. Brighter reds are not a natural hair color but blend favorably with most other hues. It is one of the colors to consider if you are interested in finding the perfect balance between natural and bright hair colors. Best red hair dye UK can make any kind of hair carry the quintessential characteristics of red, helping you stand out from the crowd.

The celebrity world has long been in love with dark red hair dye. Red hair dye has been a popular color choice for quite some time, proving it could be a trend that is here to last. From 50s pinups to modern day pop stars, this color is sure to put the bounce back into your curls.

Some of the celebs who have tried out this bright hue include Ashlee Simpson, January Jones, Blake Lively, Cynthia Nixon, Eva Longoria, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, to mention just a few.

Our Range of Best Red Hair Dye Brands

The primary aim of Dye My Hair is helping you find your own unique look. We know that finding the perfect hair color can be a confidence booster which is why we stock a huge rainbow of hair dye colors. Our best red hair dyes are made of high quality materials and are sure to stay vibrant with the right treatment. You can find different shades of red in our range. Some of the most popular shades include bold auburn, deep red, and warm burgundy.

In addition to the aforementioned shades, some of the highly customized shades we provide include Crazy Color coral red, fire red, cyclamen red, ruby rouge, vermillion red, pillar box red, poppy red, and rose red.

Our Crazy Color Semi-permanent hair dye in Vermillion Red is a great hair dye to use if you are aiming to transform into a natural redhead. This rich red color has hints of brown to create that desirable natural hue. If you are looking for a bright red hair dye but still want it to look a little natural then this the color for you.

This dye can last up to 8 washes. If you are looking for a different duration or want to know what red hair dye stays in the longest then be sure to check out our other brands. From totally temporary wash-out dyes to longer lasting semi-permanent color, you are sure to find the perfect product. Red hair dye can be used on any kind of hair, whether naturally blonde or brunette, you are guaranteed to achieve exceptional results. However be aware the results may not be as bright if you opt for red hair dye for dark hair without bleaching.

How To Get Bright Red Hair

Proper usage and maintenance of your red hair dye for dark hair will guarantee that it lasts long and stays brighter. No matter the shade or type of red hair dye you opt in for, these tips will help you maintain it.

  • Red hair dyes have high acceptance among a lot of people, however, most people have issues with the fact that they tend to fade faster than other hair dyes. This can be easily fixed by making sure you add a full and thorough coverage when dyeing your hair with a red hair dye.
  • Washing your hair too often might contribute to the fast fading of the red hair dye but you can remedy the situation by ensuring that you only wash your hair every few days. Rather than using an in-shower shampoo when washing your hair, it is recommended that you use dry shampoo to prevent the red hair dye from fading faster than usual.
  • The water you use in washing your hair can also determine how fast the red hair dye might fade. To prevent the hair dye from fading fast, make sure you avoid washing it with hot water. Cold water will help you lock in your color for longer.
  • It can be difficult deciding which color is best for you. You can save yourself a hair disaster by performing a test strip before dyeing your hair. This will help you know for sure which color is best for you. It is also important to carry out a patch test in case you are allergic to the hair dye. Make sure to do this every time as different brands contain different ingredients.
  • One important precaution to take before dyeing your hair with any dye color is to first bleach it. Your natural hair color can show through the dye shade if you do not bleach your hair first.

At Dye My Hair, we make sure that only the best red hair dye products are provided to you. A new bright ‘do can help you look not only different but uniquely beautiful. You can go through our range of outstanding red hair dyes and discover the perfect style for you.