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Lusting over dramatic shiny black hair but scared to do irreversible harm? If you’ve got fair hair, black hair dye can deposit color into your look for incredible results. Luckily for you, our temporary black hair dye range is full of options that will help you get the look you desire without the damage.

If you love black hair color but aren’t ready to commit to change, using a black temporary hair dye is a great way to see if the color is right for you. It’s even possible to find a temporary black hair dye that washes out in as little as 2 washes!

While black hair is a popular fashion choice, it’s also the go-to hair color for a lot of Halloween costumes. Maybe you’re dressing up as a good old-fashioned witch, or going cult-classic by disguising yourself as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction? Regardless, you’re going to need to dye your hair black to convince anyone and a good temporary black hair dye is much more budget friendly than using a wig.

Wash out Hair Color Options

There’s so much more to wash out hair color than just traditional box dyes and we’re here to tell you your options. Here at Dye My Hair our temporary black hair dye range is huge and has options to suit every taste! No matter what look you’re after, we’ll have a product that will help you get those luscious dark locks- even if it’s just for a weekend.

Black Hair Chalk:

  • Pastel hair chalks are all the rage when festival season comes around, but did you know you can also get black hair chalk? Just glide the chalk over your hair and seal it in with hairspray. Since you need to use shampoo to remove this product, its waterproof and won’t budge- even after brushing. This is a great choice for anyone who lives in a rainy climate or who’s scared of doing lasting damage to fair hair.

Tips for using black hair chalk:

  • While you might be used to wetting your hair before using pastel hair chalk, this isn’t required when using black hair chalk. Instead, just brush it onto dry hair to avoid it depositing itself into your hair’s follicle.

  • Twist your hair as you chalk it to release more pigment.

  • Brush the excess chalk out after chalking to prevent it from staining your clothes.

  • Experiment by combining black hair chalk with another bold hair chalk color like fuchsia or alpine green. Having 2 colors on the same strand creates a really eye-catching look!

  • Chalk removes lots of moisture from your hair so be sure to replenish it with a deep conditioning treatment afterwards. 

Traditional Black Temporary Hair Dye:

Using a traditional black temporary hair dye will give you a shiny and irresistible all over color. Just be warned that this is not a one-night fix. You’ll need to wait for the dye to fade out over time and could risk staining very fair hair.

Tips for using traditional temporary hair dye in black:

  • Let us reiterate that traditional temporary black hair dye that washes out completely can take a little longer to fade.

  • If you’re ready to go black, though, there are loads of different shades to choose from! For jet-black hair choose a shade like raven black. For something slightly lighter choose ebony. Blue black is another electrifying shade that’s been seen on celebrities like Megan Fox, Zoe Deschanel and Rihanna.

  • Do a patch test before applying black wash out hair color to blonde hair. You may need to apply a red dye before using black temporary hair dye.

  • Apply plenty of Vaseline along your hairline before using temporary hair dye black. Those stains will show up on light skin!

Things to Consider Before Dying your Hair Black

  • Your skintone: Contrary to popular belief, women with fair and cool skintones are more likely to suit black hair than women with deep and warm skin tones. If you do have darker skin, it’s better to use a warm brownish black hair dye.

  • Makeup: Black hair dye can really wash you out, so pair your temporary black hair color with a deep red lip color and some blusher.

  • Choose the right brand: On the Dye My Hair website we stock some of the best and most prestigious semi permanent hair dye brands available. Whether you can’t go without your raven black high voltage Manic Panic, Jet Black Splat or La Riche’s exquisite shade of ebony; you’ll find it here. What’s even better is that you can find a host of information also on our website. Whether you’re trying to dip dye your ends or pushing your style into a new phase of ombre, we have just the guides and products to get you started! For more information and inspiration for your next black hair dye look visit our blog here

So, there you have it. Black doesn’t need to be permanent and can even be achieved for just a night. Whether you’re looking to perfect your Halloween costume with a black hair do or just want a quick style update, our temporary black hair dye range is sure to have something to suit you. Black really is the most dramatic and mysterious hair color out there and we hope that you love your trip to the dark side!