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When you decide to dye your hair blue, you don’t want to waste any time on bad hair dye products. This is why we’ve created this short article on finding only the best blue hair dye products. Starting with some inspiration from the celebrities who have worn blue hair the best and ending on some tips for how to use the best blue hair dye for dark hair.

Blue hair has a timeless feel – it’s hard to imagine the color going out of style. But that by no means makes it mainstream! In fact, there are so many shades of blue that it’s nearly impossible to have blue hair and not look unique. Whether you want royal blue hair dye or the best midnight blue hair dye, you can find what you’re looking for here.

Celebrity’s Best Blue Hair Dye

Katy Perry is the first celeb that comes to mind when you think of royal blue hair dye, but there are plenty of other inspirational women who pull the look off too!

Other singers who’ve rocked some of the best blue hair dye looks we’ve ever seen include Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and Matt Bellamy, lead singer of Muse. Demi has had various ombre looks over the years, while Lady Gaga stunned everyone with beautiful turquoise blue hair. But vibrant hair dye is not just for the girls; Matt Bellamy looked devilish with dark blue hair – a look easily achieved without best midnight blue hair dye.

As for the actors, we just can’t forget Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s dark blue hair in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Her short choppy hair really suited the best blue black hair dye color. Cara Delevingne, model turned actress, has stunned everyone in the past by shaving her head completely bald then wearing a mermaid-style, ombre wig with beautiful blue colors! You don’t need to shave all your hair off to look the same, thankfully. We have all the best blue hair dyes and other colors you need to dye your natural hair like a mermaid.

Best Blue Hair Dye Brands

The two best blue hair dye brands at Dye My Hair are La Riche Directions and Manic Panic. No other brand beats them for having the best blue black hair dye in lovely, rich and dark shades. Furthermore, both brands of hair dye are vegan friendly and free of ammonia.

La Riche Directions has two shades that stand out for us; Atlantic Blue which has a very cold feeling and is the best blue hair dye for dark hair. The other best blue hair dye from La Riche is also one of the best midnight blue hair dyes, aptly named Midnight Blue. The shade is a little bit brighter than Atlantic Blue, verging on electric.

For a different best midnight blue hair dye, try Manic Panic’s After Midnight shade. It’s darker than Midnight Blue but has more depth than Atlantic Blue. It’s easily the best blue black hair dye for a rocking blue hairstyle

If you want a lighter blue hair dye, take a look at Crazy Color, one of the best blue hair dye brand names. Their Blue Jade and Capri Blue shades are unique and will really help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to create an ombre look, take a look at Splat’s ombre blue coloring kit which makes achieving the look simple.

Don’t forget bleaching kits and dyeing equipment! You can find these at Dye My Hair too.

The Best Blue Hair Dye for Dark Hair

If you’ve got dark hair like mahogany and black or strong colors like vivid red, you will find that your hair colors can prevent you from getting a good color with even the best blue hair dyes. But you do still have options.

Firstly, you can try bleaching your hair to a very light shade so that the best blue hair dye really shines, or you can use special, best blue hair dye for dark hair. The darkest shades of blue mentioned above are also a good choice for getting blue hair. The shade you end up with will be very similar to what you’d get from best midnight blue hair dye, but with slight hints of your natural shade underneath.

To make the best midnight blue hair dye color even darker, increase the amount of time you leave it on. Do a test in advance to work out how long is best.

Royal Blue Hair Dye Method

Once you’ve found the best blue hair dye, it’s time to refresh your memory on how best to apply the dye. Follow these simple steps to achieve beautiful hair from royal blue hair dye, one of the most popular colors that is so difficult to get right.

First, pick your royal blue hair dye from the best blue hair dye brands at Dye My Hair. While you’re browsing it’s a good idea to pick up some brush applicators, bowls and bleach. Bleaching your hair is especially important if you want a bright royal blue hair dye color.

Before you even begin to prep your hair ready for dyeing, do a test patch on your arm or leg with both the bleach and hair dye. A small 1cm patch is enough! If you have a reaction then wash thoroughly and in extreme cases seek medical help.

Prep your hair for the best blue black hair dye by using keratin and protein rich hair products. Keep an eye out for shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for dyed hair. Using this beforehand will strengthen your hair and allow it to absorb more of the dye.

Apply the bleach for a bright color - or skip this step if you’d prefer to use the best blue hair dye for dark hair tint rather than a complete color change. Once your hair is bleached, rinse with water (don’t use any products) and wait for however long instructions say on the box before using the best blue hair dye.

Wait another 72 hours before using any hair products and voila! You’ve got beautiful hair from the royal blue hair dye.