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One of the most exciting and enthralling new fashion styles in modern culture today is ebony hair dye.  We can’t even contain our excitement when we think about how fashionable and trendy ebony hair color is today!  Anyone who wants to be cool, avant-garde, and respected HAS to get their hair in a beautiful shade of black.  Regardless of who you are, think about the amazing and wondrous new world, you can live with your ebony colored hair!  It’s inspiring to think that there could be such a cool, interesting, and a unique hair color out there in the world today!  So, few people use such a beautiful and innovative ebony hair dye to transform their look.

Be The Center Of Positive Admiration With Your Ebony Hair Color

It’s not about selecting any particular hair dye brand when it comes to choosing the right hair dye color. But still, people prefer us to other manufacturers because of the vast experience we have in this field and our unique hair dye ideas. You see, we have been producing various shades of black hair dye for quite a long time and the response we have received from our satisfied customers is beyond our apprehension. From Pitch Black to Natural Black to Blue Back, our customers love them all. But that’s not the end! We have some of the best semi permanent black hair dye to suit your needs. If that's not enough, we even have a range of temporary hair color gels to rock your evening. Visit our website to witness a plethora of hair dye products.

We ventured into the ebony hair dye area after a lot of customers demanded something out of the box from our brand. Last time they asked for a complete bleaching solution, and we came up with the All-in-One Bleach kit. This time it’s a hair dye with, perhaps, one of the most outstanding ebony hair colors of all. With the release of our initial batch, people have flooded our social media platforms with positive reviews. It’s the boldest step they ever took choosing ebony over other colors, and they don’t have a pinch of regret.

Ebony and black hair color is just so unique in the modern day.  It has a dazzling style that can hardly be denied.  It is not surprising that people with ebony colored hair are so appreciated, loved, and respected.  If you’re looking for a style that will imbue your look with elegance ebony hair products are in style, and the look is easy to accomplish.  It’s a dazzling and innovative look.

How To Use Your Ebony Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair ebony is SIMPLE and EASY!   Here are a few steps that are important to follow, especially if you have dark hair and you want to get it that sweet, seductive sexy Ebony black hair color, to prepare yourself for dyeing your hair that beautiful color of your DREAMS! Ebony is a color that suits perfectly for an endless list of styles but particularly as a hair dye for dark hair and even hair dye for short hair.

  1. Preparation- This step involves bleaching.  Simply prepare the hair by thoroughly washing and conditioning it.  In the small chance bleach may weaken or damage your hair, you need to be careful to utilize keratin and protein-based products for the bleaching process.

  2. Bleaching- Lighten hair to a level 9-10 to make sure that the natural shade color doesn’t interfere with the dye.  If you have dark hair, it may be extremely difficult to get your natural shade to match with the ebony hair dye without bleaching. But luckily with bleach, it’s a piece of cake!  Ensure that you are aware of the process of bleaching to get the most out of your bleach. 

  3. Toning- Hair toners are very effective at removing any of those tough spots from hair that may interfere with the dying process.  Utilizing toner products ensure that the dying process is 100% EFFECTIVE so you always get a perfect shade of dark ebony hair dye

  4. TIME TO APPLY THE DYE - Apply it from the root and move in a motion upwards.  Make sure to use a brush to get best results.  If you didn’t choose a permanent ebony hair dye, make sure you know how long it will last!  This can depend on how often you wash your hair, so make sure you’re aware of the entire process!  Ensure you’re using only specially formulated shampoo to get the best results. 

  5. If you have any questions please consult Dye My Hair!  We know that you will be amazed with this fantastic new look!

Here at Dye My Hair we are thrilled and ecstatic to help people with new and vibrant color transformations. Whether you’re a first timer or a dye-hard veteran we’re sure we can pair you with an ebony hair dye product to suit your exact needs. Whether you love the vegan range Manic Panic or the unique colors that are available from Stargrazer and La Riche,  your perfect semi permenant black hair dye shade is waiting for you.

Don’t forget! If you’re interested in sticking one step ahead of the hair dye game then the Dye My Hair website and social media has a host of information that will everything your style inspiration needs! Check out our blog section here!