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The best way to express your vibrant personality? Bright yellow hair, of course. We don’t mean blonde. We mean blindingly bright, neon yellow hair. Turn some heads with electric hair colors.

Follow our easy guide to discover how celebs have rocked neon yellow hair, the shades available from popular brands, how to apply the dye and how best to style it.

Celebrities’ Best Yellow Neon Hair Dyes

Yellow is a difficult color for many people to wear (although it’s not quite as difficult as green), so take some inspiration from 3 celebs that have pulled off the bright yellow hair dye look with ease.

Cassie Twinning, American singer, dancer and stunning model, opted for a vibrant, neon yellow dye in a color that’s similar to highlighters! It’s a shade that’s similar to Kylie Jenner’s neon yellow style earlier this year. To dye your hair the same color, try Manic Panic Electric Banana or La Riche Directions Fluorescent Glow.

Ellie Goulding isn’t the first person you’d think of when looking for neon yellow hair, but she’s had her fair share of different hair shades. Her almost golden yellow hair-do was sleek and daring – you either loved or hated it. The key to copying this style is to stick with a very bright, yellow shade with golden highlights to create a more natural bright yellow hair dye look.

Lady Gaga favors blonde hair, but she’s never been afraid to go with bolder colors. Her bright yellow hair dye was iconic for a long while. She dyed all her hair, rather than going for a dip dye or streak approach, creating an almost cartoon-like appearance. It was very pop-art and absolutely lovely!

Discover the best yellow neon hair dye from each leading brand at Dye My Hair.

Manic Panic Electric Banana - Vibrant and bright, think of bananas but ultraviolet! This shade of neon hair dye has the bright yellow color of bananas but with a cool touch from the electric edge. It’s not warm and sunny, it’s electrifying.

Crazy Color Canary Yellow -Bright and sunny, the Canary shade from yellow brand hair dye geniuses Crazy Color is all you need to shine. This color has depth and a rich, luxurious feeling to it. It’s a full yellow with more body than the Manic Panic Electric Banana shade.

Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Color Lemon Daisy - This UV reactive neon yellow dye is aptly named lemon daisy. It’s both sharp and sweet with an almost green tint. It’s a very fresh, zesty looking shade of yellow that’s beautiful but takes a real style queen to wear properly.

Paintglow Yellow Hair Chalk - Why not take a look at PaintGlow’s luminescent Yellow Hair Chalk? It’s perfect for adding a touch of color to your party outfit. The best part is it will wash out the next morning.

La Riche Directions Bright Daffodil and Fluorescent Glow - We can’t help but point out two amazing shades of neon yellow hair dye from this brand. La Riche Directions have two very different yet equally vibrant shades of neon yellow dye to try. Bright Daffodil is warm and sunny, like Crazy Color’s Canary Yellow but with a slight hint of orange. If this color doesn’t remind you of beautiful spring daffodils, nothing will.

How to Pick a Neon Hair Dye

All yellow hair dyes can be separated into 3 categories – read the below to find out which shade of yellow you should be wearing.

Bright Neon Yellow is shocking, vibrant and full of surprises – does this sound like you? The ultimate bright, neon yellow hair look is a difficult one to pull off full time, especially when some work places and universities don’t allow for such vivid hair colors. Before you try out the neon yellow dye, use the chalks to add some streaks and take the new look for a test run.

Sunshine Yellow is suited to people with a bright and bubbly personality and a wardrobe full of warm colors. Sunshine yellow hair colors can suit very feminine, girly wardrobes and punk, alternative wardrobes too. It’s very versatile!

Green-Yellow is perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. This color is great for those who can’t decide on just one color. It works perfectly with alternative fashion styles and is sure to give your look that unique finishing touch.

Once you’ve picked the perfect shade of neon yellow hair dye, you need to get the right dye tools to do the job.

  • Dye: you need enough neon hair dye to easily cover all the hair you need to dye. Don’t forget to pick up some bleach too. This is essential to achieve this bright color because it is so light that any other darker shades will show through.
  • Mixing Bowl And Applicator: a tint brush and mixing bowl will help you to minimize any mess and you can see exactly how much dye you have left at any time. The brush will help you get an even coverage too.
  • Test Patches: test a little bit of neon hair dye alongside the bleach 48 hours before fully covering your hair – do you like the color? If not, you might want to go back to the start. It is also important to test you are not allergic to the product.
  • Gloves: you definitely need to use gloves when handling the dye, so bring multiple pairs if you’re getting a friend to help out. An apron can be useful too.
  • Color Preserve Hair Products: once your hair is dyed by following the instructions on the product, you’ll need to take care of your neon yellow hair by using special hair products. Find shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for colored hair. They are designed to stop colors fading and keep your hair strong.

Follow our tips and you can keep your beautiful yellow hair looking vibrant and fresh! Neon yellow hair dye is a fun color to try with friends. Whether you are creating color streaks, dip dyes or full coverage, we are sure you are going to love this awesome shade.