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For a style that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, a fresh raspberry pink hair color is a great choice. No matter what your style is, there will be a raspberry pink look that’ll be amazing on you!

One of the best things about using raspberry pink hair dye is that it’s relatively low maintenance. We’ve all seen how popular pastel hair colors have become but, anyone who has experimented with them will tell you how difficult these shades are to achieve and attain. A deeper pink hair dye color like raspberry pink is a much simpler alternative. It packs all the punch of pastels without the fuss. If you want to turn heads with a glossy rich new color, then raspberry pink should be your new hue.

Raspberry Rebel Hair Dye Style Ideas

One of the beauties of raspberry pink hair dye is that it can be used in lots of different ways. There’s sure to be a raspberry pink hair color that’ll suit you. From frosted raspberry highlights to a full on raspberry ripple style, this super sweet hair color is always versatile and fun.

  • Raspberry rose gold: Rose gold is a firm style favorite that we’ve been crushing on for years. Luckily, we don’t need to keep buying watches and jewellery to get our fix anymore. Rose gold is everywhere nowadays and it’s even becoming a popular hair color. This gorgeous blend of shimmering gold, pink and coral tones is perfect for blondies looking for a subtle style update. A rose pink temp hair dye is a fun way to experiment with this cool, modern look.
  • Deep raspberry: An all-over deep raspberry pink hair color is a brighter and bolder step up from burgundy or wine. This warm, colorful look gives hair a radiant shine and is perfect for an Autumn or Winter hair change. If you’ve got dark hair and want to go pink, it’s easy to get a deep raspberry pink hair color without needing to bleach your hair first. The queen of colorful hair, Katy Perry looked amazing with her retro raspberry pink 'do.
  • Deep raspberry/ pastel pink ombre: Can’t decide between deep rich shades and pretty pastel tones? You don’t need to anymore with this clever ombre. By graduating between deep raspberry pink at the top and candy floss pink at the bottom, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Chocolate & raspberry balayage: Balayage is a hair dyeing technique that offers a subtler version of the popular ombre. By brushing the color on to the ends of your hair, you’ll be able to dip your toes into the pink hair trend.

Still not sure which raspberry pink hair color to go for? Luckily, we have a huge range of different permanent pink hair dyes for you to choose from, with colors like Crazy Color Pinkissimo and La Riche Carnation Pink. If you’re just flirting with the idea, then why not try one of our temporary pink hair dyes? These colors last for just a few weeks and wash out with no trace. (Although, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to take things to the next level after you see the results!)

Tips on How to Dye your Hair Pink with Raspberry Pink Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair raspberry pink is easier than you think. The amount of time and effort you need to put into it all depends on how bright you want your color to be. Just want a subtle glimpse of color? There’s no need to pre-bleach your hair since our high-quality colors show up on even the darkest of hair. If you’re looking for a super bold color, though, you’ll need to spend a little bit of time prepping. The beauty of raspberry pink hair is that it is up to you how vibrant and bold you want to go! These are our top tips

  1. Preparation: Healthy shiny hair always takes color more easily than limp, damaged hair. Before going pink, start deep conditioning your hair once or twice a week. This will allow the color to penetrate every strand of hair and look even more beautiful. 
  2. Bleaching: If you want to go for a rose gold hue or super bright tones, it’s best to pre-bleach your hair first.
  3. Start with a darker shade: Since raspberry pink hair dye will, inevitably, fade over time, it’s best to start with a color a few shades darker than what you were hoping for. After a few washes, you’ll get to the exact color you want. 

Tips for Keeping your Raspberry Pink Hair Color Bright and Fresh

One of the biggest problems with vibrant, colorful hair is its longevity. Sadly, those bright pink hues don’t last forever but there are some tips you can follow to keep it looking sweet and rosy for even longer.

  • Use a sulfate free shampoo: Mainstream shampoos, packed full of sulfates, are the ultimate enemy for gorgeous, brightly colored hair. If you want to keep your color fresher for longer, choose a color preserving shampoo.
  • Freshen your hair with dry shampoo instead: Dry shampoo is a great way to freshen up your hair in between washes and it will give you more volume, too.
  • Rinse your hair with cool water: Whenever you wash your hair with hot water, it opens up the cuticles, allowing the color to spill out. Washing your hair with cold water locks the cuticle meaning you can keep your gorgeous color for longer.
  • Use a heat protector spray: Now that you’ve got stunning pink locks, you probably want to try out a whole load of hairstyles. Just make sure to protect your hair with a heatproof spray since it needs lots of love and attention after dyeing.
  • Pink hair, no matter the tone, needs to be well looked after. The aftercare is just as important as the dye job itself. With just a little bit of TLC, you’ll have bright, bold beautiful hair for even longer!

If you’re ready to jump on board and join all the pink haired goddesses out there, then take a look at our huge range of hair dyes. There’s no better time than now for a change and no prettier color than this beautiful raspberry pink hair dye. Choose your favorite style and rock your pink hair like you just don’t care!