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Thinking what new hair colour to try next? Have you thought about testing some gorgeous violet hair dye? Violet is a color that can work with all types of natural hair colors and is available from light purple hair dye to dark violet hair color; it is the perfect color for adding a splash of fantasy and sweetness to your look!

The colour purple is an uncommon color in nature and as a result lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered to be precious. Purple combines the peaceful constancy of blue and the strong power of red. The color purple is often associated with luxury, ambition, royalty, nobility, power, wisdom and elegance. Purple has also been known to hold connotations of dignity, grandeur, extravagance, wealth, pride, peace, magic, mystery and independence.

Which Shade of Violet Hair Color Dye Will Work for You?

Nowadays, violet hair is one of the most on trend alternative hair colors which has been splashed through the media by a variety of celebs and personalities. Violet is such a strong and flexible color, full of rich meaning that can brighten up a full head of hair but can also be the ideal way to add a dash of intensity to darker hair colors. Here are some of the best violet hair dye colors:

  • Natural Violet Hair Dye –Having very light purple hair or natural looking violet hair is very popular at the moment with celebrities, notably the singer Katy Perry. The pastel shades ensure an elegant and feminine look that adapts really well to light hair colors such as blonde and white. With products such as La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Lilac), Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Lilac), Manic Panic Creamtones Perfect Pastel Hair Dye (Velvet Violet) or Herman's Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Vicky Violet) you’ll be able to adopt this cool new look in no time. Stars such as Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Alexis Michelle and Nicki Minaj have all played with natural violet hair tones to create sweet and subtle purple hairstyles.
  • Mystic Violet Hair Dye – If you are looking to go for a dark violet hair color, then the strong shades of the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Hot Purple and Violette are definitely perfect for you. As well as La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Plum Purple. The mystic violet shades offer a rich color which gives a strong and stylish finish. Many celebrities have opted for a full on violet hair color for its theatrical appeal. You will have no doubt noticed Demi Lovato, Wiz Khalifa and Azealia Banks experimenting with these dark mystic violet undertones and although one of the darker shades of purple, you’ll have to agree that it’s definitely a look worth maintaining!

The most important decision to make, of course, is deciding which violet shade works for you. We have plenty of violet colors which will help you keep your locks in check for as long as you want, even for violet hair dye on dark hair! Or if you’re after something that will wash in wash out, then there are plenty of hair chalks and hair gels which act as a natural violet hair dye. As well as the longer lasting hair dyes, these temporary options are perfect for a quick color fix for a party or an event. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that when shopping online with Dye My Hair, you can select from a plethora of the best violet hair dye brands out there! Here is a selection of brands which you can choose from:

  • Crazy Color
  • La Riche Directions
  • Manic Panic
  • Herman's Amazing
  • Splat

With such an exceptional range of semi-permanent violet and purple hair color available, you don’t need to search through the stores for the best violet hair dye on the market, we’ve got it all here for you, at prices that won't break the bank!

Dyeing Dark Hair Violet

Achieving and maintaining a complete violet hair dye look on dark hair can be a bit of a struggle if you don't follow the right steps; it’s certainly an exceptional look for those of you willing to work for it! If you are ready to rock violet black hair dye, we’ve compiled a few handy tips for making the royal color work for you.

Preparation – when dying your hair an alternative color such as purple or violet, which involves bleaching, it is important to protect the impact the color will have on your hair through thorough conditioning and strengthening. The bleach may weaken the hair, so it is important to use keratin and protein-based products as part of your preparation.

Bleaching – lightening your hair creates a blank canvas on which the colored dye can be more easily applied than to dark. It is desirable to lighten hair to a level 9-10 to ensure your natural hair color does not impact the results of the purple shade. Violet hair dye for dark hair without bleach is a difficult task, so make sure to do your research before coloring and test the bleach product on your skin before a full head application.

Toning – using a hair toner is a great way of removing any residual brassiness from your hair color. Using toner products ensures your chosen color ends up the way you want them, without any stubborn underlying tones – we want your new violet hair tone to look its best!

After this process, it is completely up to you how you put on your hair dye. Before you begin applying your dye, it is essential to test possible shades for at least 48 hours. This ensures that you are happy with the color before you cover your head in semi-permanent violet hair dye and gives you the time to change to a different shade.

Always ensure you know what you are doing before you start, dyeing hair is a task that requires practice and precision. Ask your hairdresser, hair stylist, friends and family for any tips and tricks when dyeing hair at home, it can be risky business when dealing with intense violet hair dye. If it is your first time, ask someone to help you!

If you want some inspiration for violet hair dye, why not check out our social media channels? With plenty of images of violet hair dye ideas, you’ll definitely find something which you will want to recreate!