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Here at Dye My Hair we understand just how important hair care really is! With an extensive range of color safe, moisturising and protecting shampoos and conditioners available, be sure to make Dye My Hair your next one-stop shop for all things nourishing! 

What’s the importance of using Colour Protecting products?

Although it’s not an absolute ‘must’, here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend utilising hair care products that are designed with hair dye ‘after-care’ in mind. Dyeing and bleaching can often be a harsh process on your hair, so it’s highly important that you help your luscious locks as much as you can on their way to recovery and sparkling stardom! 

Locking in all those vibrant and funky new colors you’ve just added to your style, using Colour Protecting products is an effective way to achieve that professional sheen for much longer than with your usual, everyday go-to shampoo. Similarly, everyday shampoos can often contain sulphates and detergents, such as sodium/ammonium lauryl sulphate, which can often make up nearly 15% of each bottle; that’s a whole lot of harsh chemicals! Although great at cleansing your hair of built up dirt and oil, it can often strip your hair cuticles of its crucial color molecules.

If you’re looking for a test-assured way to lock in moisture, color and volume then our extensive range of color safe shampoos and conditioners are guaranteed to meet all your dyeing needs. 

Our Top Tips for Washing Your Freshly Coloured Hair

Although the washing process is pretty self-explanatory, here are a number of our top tips for achieving and ensuring that show stopping look day in and day out:

  • How Soon Should I Wash My Hair After Coloring? – Although we can’t speak for everyone, here at Dye My Hair we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before you opt for the wash! Although we understand that this isn’t practical for everyone, the longer you leave it the better!

  • What Water Temperature Is Best? – Washing your freshly colored hair with warm water is much better than if you are to use hot water. By using warm water, you minimise the risk of opening up your hair cuticles and thinning the color. 

  • I’m Planning on Applying a Number of Different Colours, When Should I Wash My Hair? – If you’re looking to add different shades to your hair, then we best advise that you wash and dry your hair separately, in between each dye session. 

  • What Should I Do If My Hair Bleeds After I’ve Washed It? – It’s highly common for newly colored hair to bleed when wet. If this happens, we suggest that you ensure your hair is completely dry before you sleep or choose to wear light colored garments. It may also be a good idea to make good use of those old towels and bedding just in case!

Stay Colour Safe with Dye My Hair

Although some may prefer to utilise regular shampoos and conditioners after the coloring process, our extensive range of color protecting formulated products is a perfect alternative for those seeking something a little different. Please note that it is worth double checking your hair dye kit insert as to what types of shampoos and conditioners will work best for your look! Here at Dye My Hair we want our customers to get the most out of their hair dye experience. From their initial color and product choice to the washing process, Dye My Hair is here to point you in the right direction!