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Here at Dye My Hair, we absolute love everything to do with colour. On our store you’ll always be able to find yourself a plethora of different colours and shades that can suit almost any haircut and style you’re looking for. We make it 100% easy to grab yourself salon quality hair colour from your own home, but if you want to make your new ‘do truly spectacular; you’re going to need some top notch hair dye styles inspiration!

You may think that getting yourself some amazing hair dye styles for long hair and short is completely dependent on your most recent haircut? Wrong! Although this definitely complements all over styles of hair dye, the main factor that will pull off your killer new look will be what dye you choose and how you use it! On the Dye My Hair website we have host information for you to check out from blogs to guides; but for now keep reading and get versed in all of the hair dye styles that are available.

What Hair Dye Styles Are The Best For Me?

When it comes to choosing a hair dye style, there are a host of choices that will perfect your desired look. Whether you’re in need of a subtle hair colour to switch things up or something bright, beautiful and bold; we can tell you about all the tips and tricks for the best hair dye styles below before picking your colour.

Highlights and Low Lights: For the most subtle colour, highlights and low lights are you greatest friend. This style revolves around hair colours and styles that natural contrast with your current hair colour. Primarily you will have seen this beautiful look on famous celebrities such as Friends star Jennifer Anniston with her beautiful blonde hair and natural but desired dark brown highlights. One of the new variants of these hair dye styles is lowlights. Just like the one mentioned above, this natural style is perfect for almost all occasions; and it looks utterly stunning! The only factor that separates this style from highlights is the reversal of colour; meaning that if you’re rocking a dark hair colour, you’ll be able to add some golden blonde hair dye and make your hair a work of art.

Ombre, Sombre & Balayage: After reading those words we’re sure you’re probably pretty confused; but don’t panic! Soon you’ll be able getting ready to get the hottest colour hair dye styles at home. First of all let’s start with the classic ombre. You may or may not have heard about this style before, but either way it’s something to always take into account when updating your look due to its ease and beauty it imbues into your look. This requires adding a slightly lighter shade of dye to the tips of your hair in order to create gradual colour fades from your tips and up. This can be done with almost any colour and should especially be tried with the brightest shades! If your answer to cool styles to dye your hair is sombre however, this will require you applying a subtler tone to give a more natural look.

In recent years we’ve seen the pretty hair dye term Balayage take the world by storm! The popularity of this look comes from its easy process of gently pre-lightening sections of your hair to give a warm sun kissed glow to your scalp; and easily blends in when your hair would usually naturally grow out the colour.

Silver Blonde & Opal Hair Colours: Recently the popularity for these hair dye styles has sparked a huge trend around the globe. These thought to be unobtainable hair colours can now be achieved in a flash and give you a look the look of queen. Once you’ve picked through your favourite hair dying ideas and chosen a semi permanent hair dye product that fits your favourite shade and brand, it’s time to begin. As this style features incredibly bright and mesmerising style, unless you have naturally very pale hair it’s extremely important to bleach and tone your hair before you start. Bleaching will allow you to remove allot of the colour from your hair, while products such as toners will remove yellow brassy tones that may remain after the bleaching process. Once these steps have been completed, you’ll have a fresh and clean hair palette to dye your hair the bright sliver or opal shade you desire.

How To Get The Best Results With Different Colour Hair Dye Styles

If you’re looking to get the brightest and richest colour from your new hair dye in order to perfect your chosen hair dye styles; it’s always important to bleach and tone. With that in mind, take a read of our brief steps to completing your next look:

  1. Bleach – Choose a brand that you have previous experience with or one you trust and begin to apply it to your whole head of hair or the sections (if you’ve chosen to go with one of the hair dye ideas we’ve outlined above). This will remove any unwanted colour to and allow you to move on to toning.
  2. Using Toner – If you’re going to a very light silver hair colour that requires a very light finish it may be required that you also use toner. But don’t worry; it isn’t as scary as it sounds and your new hair dyestyles will be all the better for using it. Apply it to the right areas and it will completely remove unwanted colour and brassy tones and leaving you with your desired shimmering silver style.
  3. Dye You Hair- Apply your dye in correspondence to the new hair dye style you’ve chosen. If you need extra tips and tricks then the Dye My Hair blog section is an incredibly useful place to be! Check it out here.
  4.  After Care – If you want to keep your colour and hair health in tip top condition then it’s important to use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, as well as avoiding over washing your hair. Check out the website to find your after care products.